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Having An Elderly Dear One Struggling With Alzheimer’s? Here’s How To Take Care Of Them


If you have an elderly dear one struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, you know the struggle of taking care of them. It can be a difficult and stressful task, especially when your loved one has forgotten how to do things for themselves. But there are ways to take care of an elderly person who is struggling with Alzheimer’s that will help ease their day-to-day life while still keeping them safe and comfortable. 

In this article, we’ll go over some tips on what you can do to take care of someone with Alzheimer’s to make their life easier and less stressful for both parties involved. The first step is figuring out what your loved one wants or needs at any given time, so it might be helpful if you keep track of their routine. 

Consider getting help 

It can be helpful for you to initiate this, however, if nobody is available you should not let that stop you from taking good care of your loved one. Sometimes a little extra help goes a long way. The cost of home care varies depending on the location and availability of home care services, but if you’re in a pinch affordable options might be available to provide in-home care.

If at all possible, it is best to keep them active and involve them in their surroundings. They will feel more comfortable knowing what’s happening around them and when things are going to happen when you involve them in the process. This will make them feel safe and less likely to get agitated. 

Make a schedule

Try creating a routine for them to follow throughout the day, such as eating meals according to a schedule and taking breaks from activities every few hours. It is helpful for your loved ones to have a daily schedule, especially if they are struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. This will give them a sense of stability and encourage them to get things done promptly.

If you can get your loved ones involved in activities that they enjoy doing, it will make their life easier and less stressful. Activities that they might enjoy include playing games, watching television, or listening to music. The activities do not necessarily have to be ones that you normally would consider fun, so feel free to get creative if necessary.

Clean the space

Whether it’s washing the dishes or vacuuming the living room, clutter can quickly become a problem in any given home. Keep your loved one’s living space organized and free of clutter to reduce frustration on their end. This will also make it easier for them to get around the house without tripping over objects or becoming confused about where they are supposed to go.

Engage in conversation

Although sometimes it might be difficult, especially if your loved one has problems with communication, you should try talking to them at least once a day. This will let them know that you care and also makes their life easier because they won’t have to wonder where you are or what’s going on in your life.

If you find that your loved one is getting agitated or stressed out, it might be time to slow down and focus on what has brought them joy in the past. This could be anything from listening to their favorite music, playing a game of chess, or watching a movie with them.

Remember to take care of yourself

It’s important for both you and your loved one to take care of yourselves as well as each other. It can be difficult to deal with Alzheimer’s, especially if the person is struggling with it daily. Try not to get too stressed out or frustrated, because that will make things worse for both parties involved. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Take a class

There are many courses and classes available for free to people who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease. Some courses will teach you how to better communicate or deal with your loved ones, while others will teach you about their specific needs. This can be helpful if your loved one is struggling with memory loss.

If you don’t feel comfortable taking care of your loved one by yourself, or if you are not available to do so for any reason, make sure that they are in good hands. This could mean getting them into a caregiver program at home or hiring someone else to take care of them. Your loved one deserves to be taken care of, no matter what the circumstances may be. Giving your elderly loved one a sense of stability and freedom will help them cope with this condition. Sometimes it will be hard as they might not even recognize you and get frightened or throw a tantrum, it will take patience and understanding on your part, but it will be worth it in the long run.