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This Ring Lets You Feel Your Partner’s Heartbeat Anywhere In The World, In Real Time


We are living in an era where communication is made easy thanks to the many new technologies. Today, you can have daily conversations with someone on the other side of the Globe or work with someone who is in another time zone without a problem.Indeed, many people practice the new ways of communication in work and in life, in general.

When it comes to relationships, it’s always better to be physically close to the beloved ones and nothing compares to it. However, it seems that someone has found a partial solution for the times when you cannot have that.

For everyone who is part of a long distance relationship, there is the so-called Heartbeat Ring to bring your partner closer to you.

The Heartbeat ring, or “HB ring” was created by TheTouch. What makes it special is the feeling it provides for the person who wears it. Amazingly, it enables you to feel the heartbeat of your partner in real time, no matter how far they are.

In order to activate it, all you need to do is touch it and you will see the state of your beloved, whether they are disturbed and tired or calm and relaxed.

The HB ring strengthens the connection between the loved ones, also providing information about the state of the person from the other side.

So instead of waiting for the right time to call them and check whether they’re fine, you would just touch the ring and check their heartbeat in real time.

As the company’s Facebook page says, the ring can also be useful for professionals in dangerous fields, such as the Army, Police, Ambulance etc. whose beloved have a cause to worry during the working hours.

The HB ring is made of high quality material that is not easy to scratch. The rings can be used immediately and the synchronization of the two rings is easily done using an app. The HB rings are then connected via the Internet.

So simple, yet amazing.