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How To Heal Cavities – The Astonishing Claims Of The Oil Pullers


A couple came to amazing results after trying the oil pulling for dental care and their story raised numerous questions in the field of dentistry, some of which are connected to healing cavities and the probability of regeneration of teeth.

As the report states, the couple is strongly behind their claims about getting healthier and stronger teeth, right after trying this oil pulling and their claims go beyond that, their theory of replacing toothpaste with swishing coconut oil every day from 15 to 20 minutes was well supported with an explanation and proof that oil pulling has done wonders for this couple.

Their report would have been just another fraud on the Internet, however the experiment that the couple made and the results that they got makes their report something that it’s worth reading and trying as well.

The experiment have lead the couple to better teeth and they strongly believe that oil pulling have healed cavities and left their teeth in a much better condition than previously.

This is quite a statement, more of a revelation, especially if we bear in mind that it is opposing the orthodox dentistry which claims that cavities are a permanent damage of the teeth and such damage could not regenerate unless you decide to visit the dentist and undergo a dental procedure or filling your teeth.

So, led by these beliefs, people have no other option than choosing a good dentist and following the traditional medicine for repairing the teeth.

This is why the couple’s assertive claims are regarded as controversial, because not only did they go against the orthodox dentistry, but they also prove their experiment right by repairing their teeth and healing cavities, something that was never done in the orthodox dentistry history.

We know the old-fashioned dental care already. Go to the dentist, don’t forget and miss your regular appointments, schedule at least twice a year to check the condition of the teeth, reduce the sugar intake and you’ll be just fine.

Nowadays, the market is full with natural products which can help you in the process of lengthening the life of your natural teeth. Starting from natural mouthwash, toothpastes and even tooth brushes with natural hair, all of this provided in order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the product on your natural teeth.

However, “natural” does not always mean good for that matter. Even natural toothpastes contain ingredients which are bad for our teeth, such as glycerin, sweeteners and fluoride. Besides the proper dental hygiene and buying the most suitable dental care product, your diet seems to affect your dental health more than you can ever imagine.

Poor diet, modern food, processed food loaded with sugar and chemicals can ruin your smile and there isn’t a single toothpaste nor the best dentist that can prevent that. Maybe it’s time we do something about it and the best cure comes from the ones who have truly taken the time to explore a certain area, apply their findings on themselves and share the results with us.

First of all, let’s discuss logic. Our bodies are designed in a way that every injury can heal itself because of the regeneration process of our bodies. If a broken bone can grow into a healthy one, then why not a damaged tooth grow into a healthy one?

It seems that we would rather believe that our teeth are incapable of healing themselves, then prove ourselves the other way around. True, we are mainly responsible for the health of our teeth, due to poor diet or neglecting our dental care, but what if we try everything the doctor ordered and we are still left with poor teeth and a tendency of getting worse and worse?

The solution can start with changing your whole diet, implementing more fruits and veggies, consuming good fat such as butter oil or cod liver oil, raw milk, plenty of whole foods, tasty meat. By doing so, it can lead you on a good path to improving your dental care and to stronger teeth, capable to fight off bacteria.

It’s a very logical way to think that teeth problems or tooth decay may be the product of our modern society or a product of agricultural era? When discussing about perfect teeth, if we may put it that way, we should be looking at the tribes who have no touch with modern society or as we may put it, are living in the pre-agricultural times.

For instance, a documentary in the early 1990’s portrays the lives of the ancient Kogi Indian tribe and the creator of this documentary Alan Ereira himself claimed that the members of this tribe had perfect teeth.

This may come as a shocker, because we are all aware of the fact that such tribes have no dental care or any time of medical help and yet, it’s proven that they have a longer life and most of all, they have a healthier life. 

Their health level is much higher than the usual civilized citizen, without ever having the option to visit a doctor or a dentist.

This may be due to the fact that tribes have different sources of food and most importantly, their food is not derived from mineral-depleted soils, which of course is the case of our typical agricultural environment.

Another important moment, which strengthens these theories about perfect teeth in tribe people, is the significant work of Dr. Weston A. Price. He engaged himself by travelling the world and visiting various indigenous tribes.

On his journeys, he was investigating and comparing their dental health. Although people living in tribal groups have none health facilities, nor they have dentist to take care of their teeth, Dr. Price himself discovered and claimed that these people have truly got the perfect teeth. So, the question arises, what do these tribal groups do right and we mess it up?

Dr. Price found the real answer in their diet. Their natural diet, free of chemicals, toxins, is crucial and most important for their flawless teeth. Once Dr. Price introduced modern food to these people, to our disbeliefs, the degeneration of the dental health started.

He also concluded that the proper diet can lead to perfect teeth, but also cure or heal the cavities. He strongly believes and he has good proofs about the negative impact of modern food, mainly affecting the teeth and everything else.

It seems that oil pulling is something that it’s worth to be thoroughly investigated, because it clearly has a positive and amazing results on our teeth.

Source: herbs-info.com