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Healthy And Happy Relationships Are Those In Which Partners Respect Each Other’s Need For Privacy


Enjoying emotional intimacy and sharing experiences are two important parts of any healthy, happy, successful relationship. But, so is the partners’ willingness to understand and respect each other’s need for privacy.

If your partner is expecting you to recognize and respect their need for privacy, it doesn’t mean that they want to spend days or weeks away from you, or that they’re doing something bad behind your back, or that they want you to let them live a separate life.

Instead, they’re just expecting you to respect their boundaries. They want to know that they can hang out with their friends or go to parties or concerts only with their “crew” without having to answer hundreds of questions about where they’re going or who they’re going with. They want to know that you trust them. They want to feel independent.

In healthy, harmonious, successful relationships, both partners understand that they don’t need to share with each other everything they’re feeling or thinking. Because when you’re in a relationship with someone who wants to know how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking or doing at any moment and who constantly wants to be informed about your whereabouts, gradually you start feeling smothered by them.

Couples who enjoy stable, happy relationships understand that they need to allow each other some amount of privacy so that they can build, experience, and enjoy their lives as two separate individuals.

What you need to understand is that when you and your significant other allow each other to enjoy some reasonable amount of privacy, you actually give each other the opportunity to grow personally and learn new things about how genuine, deep, strong relationships work.

To make sure that you and your partner want to have the same amount of privacy in your relationship, the best thing you can do is talk to them about it. Have an open conversation in which both of you will let each other know how much space you need. Working through and respecting this kind of differences is something you need to do if you want to avoid having misunderstandings and problems in your relationship.

If your partner is jealous, maybe because they were cheated on in their previous relationship, accusing them of being insanely jealous, dramatic, or paranoid won’t do your relationship any good. What you can do instead is openly talk about this problem to your partner. Tell them how their jealousy and constant doubts are affecting you. Let them know they can have absolute trust in you.

If you’re wondering how much privacy you need in a relationship and how you can make sure your need for privacy is met, all you and your partner need to do is make sure that you both feel heard, safe, accepted, and supported. Because when you feel this way in the relationship, you’ll both feel that you love and care about each other even when your need for privacy is not being completely met in the moment.