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Here Are 4 Types Of Narcissists Every Empath Attracts


How is it that sometimes people so different from one another are the most drawn to each other? Is there any truth to the term opposites attract? 

Take empaths and narcissists for example. The value that makes them a whole different would be basic common sense. Believe it or not, not everyone has it in them.

Let’s draw the line between them.  Narcissism is a word that is used to explain the psychology behind excessive self-admiration or better yet egomania. Although narcissism is classified as a mental disorder, this term is used loosely to describe extreme egoistic but also split personalities, lack of empathy in people and the power of manipulation.

On the other hand, empaths are extremely sensitive and intuitive people whose primary purpose on Earth is guiding and helping others. Empaths tend to put others needs before theirs to the extreme point of self-sacrifice and this is the main reason behind their constant life disappointment.

What the two of them have in common is high emotional intelligence. In other words, both of them have that unique power to dive right into people’s insecurities and vulnerabilities. It’s the way they choose to use it that matters the most.

But why would empaths attract narcissists?

When they come across their reverse or inverted selves they instantly recognize themselves in one another. The empath tries to help cure the self-oriented narcissist, and in return, the narcissist takes full advantage of the selfless empath.

There are two main types of narcissistic beings out there that you should be aware of:

1. The Vulnerable narcissist fears rejection and abandonment. They hide under the mask of vulnerability in the hope of turning into something they idolize. Vulnerable narcissists are incompetent of showing love and empathy for others. In the process of emotional manipulation, their ultimate weapon against you is their mind games. They’ll literally make you believe things that are not true.

2. The Invulnerable narcissist, on the other hand, is the classic type of narcissist who suffers from the superiority complex. You may describe them as these excessively self-centered and confident people who care only about themselves. The difference between them and the vulnerable ones is that they don’t idolize figures, but instead they glorify themselves.

Furthermore, these 2 types are separated into 4 subtypes:

1.The Amorous narcissist: I’m guessing the name is self-revealing. Amorous narcissists are known for their alluring charm to SEDUCE and DESTROY. They lead on their victims with gifts and flattery until they fulfill their sexual or image-oriented needs and then, in just a quick blink of an eye, everything is shattered to pieces. They are highly attractive, but underneath the shell, there’s nothing but complete selfishness.

2.The Compensatory narcissists are the best liars you’ll ever meet. They’re desperate for titles and things they never achieved, so in need of an intellectual disguise, they present themselves as much more than they actually are. Compensatory narcissists are in constant need of validation and ego boosting. Their victims are usually emotionally insecure people that under those false pretenses admire them for what they “TRULY” are.

3. The Elitist narcissists have this outrageous desire to “Rule Them All”. Due to their past achievements or that particular family background, they are deeply convinced that they are better than everyone else and deserve the royal treatment. Elitist narcissists have this consistent need to prove themselves as intellectually superior.

4.The Malignant narcissists are borderline psychopathic people who suffer from the God-complex. They couldn’t care less about making a difference between right and wrong and they don’t feel compassion of any kind. People known as malignant narcissists are extremely arrogant and feed on bullying and “outsmarting” others.

After everything said, the only thing left for us to do is to learn to take care of our well-being and protect our body and soul from the vicious hands of poisonous people.

Source: LonerWolf