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Here’s How Clothing Can Affect Your Behavior


A recent study by Mark & Roberts shows that women wearing a dress are much happier and in better mood that women wearing pants. However it is also unclear if it’s the dress that affects the mood or the mood inspiring women to wear a dress.

Decade of behavioral research also shows that people who spent less time thinking about style and clothing are less confident and feel less attractive that the ones who do.

This doesn’t indicates that shopaholics and fashion victims are the happiest people on earth but at least they realize their power to affect and charm the people around them.

Truth is that life is about people and social interactions. The more we are liked, desired, loved, respected and complimented the better we feel and the more we enjoy life.

Looking better both physically and esthetically affects our mood and self-confidence and these two characteristics only can be enough to make huge differences in our life.

When people fail to obtain external beauty they often focus on career and financial success; believing that’s the right alternative for obtaining more attention, appreciation and respect.

Even though this approach have shown to be a successful one for obtaining a respectful social presence it’s the very wrong one because all your new relationships will be driven by interest.

The one thing that we can all learn from this post is that wearing better clothing, looking better and spending a little extra time on improving our style is the right thing to do.

I know that we all hate emptying our credit cards in shopping malls but look at this as an investment in creating a better version of you, or even better; in discovering the real you.

Summer is knocking at our doors already, there is not better season than spring to reinvent yourself. Go and buy yourself a nice maxi dress from here to look astonishing and let us know if the dress case study mentioned above is true or false.