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Here’s How A Man Will Truly Love You, Even When You’re At Your Worst


The man who will be honestly and deeply in love with you will love you even when you’re at your worst. He will love you through every bad mood. He’ll love you with the same amount of tenderness, patience, and passion he loves you on your good days.

The man who truly loves you will show you that through his words, but most importantly, through his actions. He’ll show that your feelings and opinions have a meaning for him.

When he notices that you’ve had a hard day at work, he’ll do his best to comfort and soothe you. He’ll make you feel comfortable to talk to him about whatever is weighing on your mind.

Whether you want to complain about how dissatisfied you’re with your work or about your new colleague, you’ll feel free to do that without worrying he might think you’re too emotional or spoiled.

The man who truly loves you will wipe your tears when you’re crying, be that because of something bad that happened to you or because a scene in some romantic comedy really moved you.

When he notices you’re going through a rough period, he’ll be your crying shoulder. He’ll hug you gently and whisper in your ear: “Don’t worry, sweetheart, it’ll be all right. I am with you.”

When you’re struggling with problems, he won’t leave you to deal with them by yourself and just watch from a distance. Instead, he’ll try to understand what it is that bothers you and then do whatever it is in his power to help you overcome it. He’ll show understanding and let you know that your problems are his problems too.

He’ll do all this because nothing makes him sadder than when he sees you’re sad. When he sees your worried face and your eyes full of tears.

The man who truly loves you will turn your worst days into the best just to see that amazing smile of yours glow on your face again.

The man who is truly in love with you won’t make you feel crazy when you get emotional, or cranky, or anxious, or when you start to scream at and hit your computer or phone. Instead, he’ll let you vent all your anger and frustration.

He won’t make you feel embarrassed or weak when you share with him your deepest fears and insecurities. He’ll even say something stupid just to take the attention off you when you find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

He won’t make fun of you or call you “crazy” when you can’t control your anger or anxious thoughts. Because he understands that sometimes your anxiety is stronger than you and you can’t control your emotions.

The man who truly loves you will lift you up when you’re at your lowest. He’ll believe in you even when you have lost all faith in yourself. He’ll see your good sides even when you aren’t able to see them yourself. He’ll see you hit rock bottom and still he’ll choose to stay.

He’ll be your strength on days you feel weak; your patience when you’re restless and can’t find your inner peace; your logic when you feel confused; your safe place when you feel your fears and insecurities gain power over you; your hope on days you feel hopeless.

The man who is truly in love with you will fully invest himself in the relationship. He won’t leave at the first sign of trouble. He won’t sweep problems under the carpet or put the blame on you when something goes wrong in the relationship.

Instead, he’ll talk things out with you like a mature grown-up and make sure you reach a solution that will be the best for both of you. He’ll even fight with you than allow himself to lose you.

Your relationship will be sacred to him and he’ll do his best to make it last forever.

The man who truly loves you will accept and cherish you for who you really are. He will know all your annoying habits, quirks, insecurities, and failures, and he’ll have seen you at your worst, and yet, his feelings for you will never change.

He won’t be afraid of your scars. Instead, he’ll appreciate who you became because of them.

He won’t judge you when you make mistakes because he knows we all do that. He’ll forgive you when you say things to him you don’t mean in a moment of anger.

He’ll take care of you and protect you from all the evils in the world.

He’ll be proud of everything you are and everything you do, and push you to achieve more.

He’ll bring out the best in you and remind you of your worth every single day.

The man who is truly in love with you won’t be afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and show his vulnerable side in front of you. He won’t feel ashamed to shed a tear or two when he gets stirred by an emotional scene in a movie he’s watching with you. He’ll let you reach the deepest parts of his soul and get to know everything about him.

He’ll do all this because he feels comfortable being himself when he’s around you.

Because this man loves you for who you really are on both your good and bad days. He loves you because you’re honest, kind, and compassionate. He loves you because you have the purest soul and most fragile heart.

This man will love you when you show the not that good side of yourself. He’ll love you when you’re hard to love. He’ll love you the best way he knows how and choose to stay even when he sees you at your worst because he knows you’re worth it.