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Here’s How To Recognize A Person That Is Drowning


A refreshing dip in the pool or sea is the best way to stay cool in the heat. But, the water can be extremely dangerous, especially for kids and those that don’t know how to swim.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional injury death all over the world. One reason why drowning is so dangerous is that its signs are not always obvious.

When movies show a person who is drowning, they usually portray the victim splashing violently in the water and screaming for help.

However, in reality, chances are that you would not be able to tell if a child or an adult is drowning or just playing in the water. Because when a person starts drowning, they can no longer shout, call for help, or control their body.


So, before you head to the beach or pool this summer, make sure you familiarize yourself with the signs of drowning and how you can stay safe in the water.

Here’s How to Recognize a Person That Is Drowning

They’re vertical in the water and they’re trying to keep their head above the water so that they can breathe. 

They bob up and down as they gasp for air.

Their arms may extend partially or remain in the water.

They often have their eyes covered with hair.

They move their body in a way which makes them look like they are climbing a ladder.

Their eyes are usually closed, but if they’re open, they are unfocused.

How to Stay Safe in the Water

1. First things first, learn how to swim.

Every person that goes into a pool, river, lake, sea, or ocean must know how to swim.

2. Don’t swim alone.

If you know you’re not that good swimmer, make sure you always swim with a friend or any other person that will keep you safe from danger.

3. Swim in areas where a lifeguard is present.

4. Know your limits.

If you notice you feel cold or exhausted or that you are out too far, that means it is time for you to come out of the water.

5. Last but not least, never swim after you’ve been drinking!

Here’s How To Recognize A Person That Is Drowning