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21 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Baby Alone With Dad


Mothers and fathers always have different opinions when it comes to parenting and taking care of their child. While mothers are more careful and have many principles about the right clothes, right time of feeding, bathing and so on, when fathers are left alone with the child that’s a different story. They certainly will find 1001 ways to entertain themselves and the baby too.

1.Kiwifruit or is it?

2. Keep on counting to see how many can you stack

3. Driving with dad. What a fun

4. Bathing time can be a funny thing too

5. And no one disturbs the other

6. This is what Father’s day should look like

7. This must be fun

8. Do whatever you want as long as you don’t wake me up

9. Has daddy used too much bubble bath?

10.My shift is over, it’s mum’s turn now.

11.Who knew that daddy can be creative? 

12. Arranging your little’s girl hair can be such an easy “chore”

13.You don’t have a scrunchie. Daddy is here with an idea.

14. Baby hipster

15.Never be afraid to take up a challenge

16. And everybody has its own space

17. You will find him just where you left him

18. Baby girl Confucius

19. Sometimes, it can be a problem to find the right clothes

20. When daddy is an engineer and everybody is happy

21. When daddy has to finish the game