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Here’s What You Need To Know About Dating An Introvert


When you hear someone mentions the word ‘introvert,’ the first thought that pops into your mind is probably of someone who is quiet, shy, reserved, and antisocial. Someone who is very complicated when it comes to relationships and expressing their feelings. Someone who is difficult to understand and handle. But, let me tell you something:

We, the introverts, are not complicated at all. We are not difficult to understand and handle at all. We just don’t crave the things that the rest in this extroverted world crave.

And in our relationships, we don’t look for superficial things. Instead, we look for depth – depth in our partner. And yes, we look for genuine, raw, deep, intense love – the kind of love that not many people are able to offer.

If you ever have the privilege of dating an introvert, here’s what you should know about them:

1. We don’t like to rush things.

We tend to open up and talk about our feelings to new people more slowly than our extroverted fellows.

Therefore, we crave your understanding and patience. We need to know that you’re not going to rush us and put pressure on us. We need to know you understand that it’s going to take us some time before we start feeling comfortable wearing our heart on our sleeve and undressing our soul in front of you.

2. We need to know that you accept us just the way we are.

We need to know that you’re not going to call us “overly sensitive” or “dramatic” when we get emotional and start crying at a sad movie. We need to know that you’re not going to call us “paranoid” or “clingy” when we get jealous.

We need to know that our insecurities and fears don’t repel you. We need to know that our overthinking and need for space will never scare you away. We need to know that you accept and cherish us for who we are, with all our weaknesses. We need to know that we’re perfect to you with all of our imperfections.

3. We flirt differently.

Think a warm, loving gaze. A gentle, enigmatic smile. Listening attentively and asking deep questions. Revealing every layer of our personality to you. Telling good funny jokes. And we may even come up with a dirty joke when you expect it the least, but we won’t hit on you aggressively for sure.

4. We need you to know that we’re not afraid to leave our comfort zone for you.

Yes, we don’t like being surrounded by a lot of people. Crowded, loud places drain our energy. They make us feel exhausted, confused, and overwhelmed.

That’s why we prefer spending Saturday nights at home, eating pizza and watching movies on Netflix together with you to spending Saturday nights in some crowded bar with you, and, of course, a bunch of strangers.

But, when we’re genuinely in love, our love forces us out of our comfort zone. When we’re deeply in love with you, suddenly doing extroverted things is no longer difficult for us. We come out with you for a drink at bars, we dance with you, we laugh with you until our stomach hurts. Because we love seeing you happy. We love seeing you content and fulfilled around us.

5. We need alone time.

We often need to spend time on our own. When spending time alone, we reflect on our needs, our priorities, our desires. We reexamine our decisions. We explore the depths of our soul. We connect with our true self. We recharge our batteries. We heal old wounds.

We need to know that when we tell you we need to spend some time alone, you won’t think that’s because you said or did something wrong.

6. And most of all, we crave your love.

We crave your genuine, profound, intense, unconditional love. We need to know you feel about us the way we feel about you. That you love us from the bottom of your heart. That you can feel the connection between us. That you will always be there for us.

We need to know that you’re invested in the relationship as much as we are. That what we have means the most to you. That we mean the world to you.