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Here’s Why Being In A Relationship Is Extremely Challenging For Someone Who Overthinks


Relationships are never a smooth journey. Even the one that appears effortless and perfect on the outside sometimes is full of doubts, temptations, and problems on the inside.

The truth is that every romantic relationship is a challenge. We all know how much time, energy, and hard work we need to invest in a relationship so as to nurture it and make it survive.

But, when you add a person that tends to overthink everything into the picture, that’s when it gets extremely difficult and challenging. That’s when doubt and confusion take over and every sense of logic begins to fade away.

Overthinking may appear like a normal, everyday routine, but, in fact, it’s a harmful habit. It has the power to ruin an entire relationship.

But, for a person who overthinks everything, getting out of this habit is very hard. Overanalyzing every conversation, situation, and every person around them is something they do on a daily basis. They simply can’t help it because it’s stronger than them.

So, not being able to stop being a victim of their own mind, overthinkers hope that they meet a person who tries to understand this flaw and is willing to help them overcome it. They hope they find a person who accepts and loves them exactly the way they are.

Here’s why being in a relationship is extremely challenging for people who overthink:

1. They pay attention to everything you do.

Overthinkers pay meticulous attention to every word you say and every seemingly unimportant thing you do. Every gesture, every look, every move is a potential red button which if pressed has the power to activate their fears and insecurities.

Even if there isn’t anything suspicious about your behavior, they’ll still overanalyze everything you say and do and think that there’s some hidden meaning behind it.

2. They need constant reassurance that things are okay.

Overthinkers need someone who will reassure them that all of their doubts, worries, and everything they fear are just inside their mind. They need someone who will reassure them that the dark scenarios they create in their head are unrealistic.

Therefore, if you’re already in a relationship with someone who overthinks, make sure they know you truly care about them. Make sure they know you’re always there for them and that you love them for who they are, including their flaws.

3. They can be quite indecisive, even about little, unimportant things.

An overthinker will ask for your opinion when they have to make an important decision. And the reason they behave like this is not that they’re dependent on you, but that they fear they might disappoint you and make you think they’re not good enough if they make wrong decisions and bad choices.

4. They may have trouble communicating their feelings.

When an overthinker loves, they love honestly, deeply, and intensely. But, at the same time, they’re scared. They fear that their intense love might push you away. They fear their love might lead you to think that they’re difficult to deal with. That’s why they may have trouble showing you their feelings and weaknesses and expressing their opinions.

So, if you’re already in a relationship with an overthinker, make sure they know you’re interested in the way they feel about you and about everything in your relationship. Make sure they know you respect their opinions, even when they greatly differ from your own. Make sure you make them feel free and comfortable showing you their vulnerable sides too.

5. They are harder on themselves than anyone else.

People who overthink often take every problem in their relationships personally. Whatever challenge or issue you may be facing in your relationship, they spend too much time dwelling on it.

They tend to think your relationship problems are a result of something bad they said or did. They mentally torture themselves with worries and feelings of guilt, even when they didn’t do anything wrong.

To save them from this torture, never sweep your relationship problems under the carpet. Instead, talk out them and show the willingness to look for a solution to them together with your partner.

6. They need to know they’re accepted and loved for who they are.

If you’re already in a relationship with someone who overthinks, make sure they know you cherish them and everything about them. Make sure they know you embrace their insecurities and fears. Make sure they know you understand their doubts, their questions, their apologies, their breakdowns.

But, most importantly, make sure they know their overthinking doesn’t outweigh their qualities, their beauty, both external and internal, their pure, empathetic soul, and their ability to love wholeheartedly and intensely.

Here’s Why Being In A Relationship Is Extremely Challenging For Someone Who Overthinks