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Loving Someone With Anxiety Can Be The Best Thing That Can Happen To You 


Loving someone who is living with anxiety is not an easy task. But, we are all different and no one is perfect. Actually, loving and being in a relationship with someone who struggles with anxiety can be the most wonderful thing that you will experience.

Because a person who has anxiety is a person who feels everything deeply and has a vivid inner life. A person with anxiety is in tune with every emotion they have, and they have many. They wear their heart on their sleeves and are not ashamed to show their love and devotion to the person they are in a relationship with.

Loving a person with anxiety means loving a sensitive and empathetic human being. They are gentle not only with their own feelings, but they will be with yours too. They would never hurt you intentionally. Their sensitive and caring heart will take an utmost care of your heart and soul.

They will immediately sense if something is wrong. They will sense your tension and worry and will try everything they can to help you. They will sense your anger just by listening to your footsteps and the change of your expression. You can always count on them when all you need is a listening and understanding ear.

People who have anxiety are fragile old souls. They pour their heart and soul into the relationship, and the person they are in love with will always be their number one priority.

They never take anyone for granted because it is not in their nature. They cannot understand how people can one day be in love with someone and the other they can so easily leave them like they have never been in love in the first place.

They will never distant themselves from the relationship. They will always be honest with you, and you can be sure that they will never shut you out or pull away from the relationship.

They are aware that their battles with anxiety can sometimes be too much and their struggles may bring the relationship down. They know that they come with a baggage that at times may be too heavy to carry. They believe that you won’t leave them, just as they won’t leave you.

Because when you love a person with anxiety you are loving someone who would never give up on you as long as you respect them.

When you love someone with anxiety, you love someone who will kiss your wounds and will fight your demons with you. You love someone who knows how it feels to be hurt and struggling because they live with their anxiety every day. They know how to calm you down after a stressful day because they are fighting with stress way too often.

Loving someone with anxiety means loving someone who would never judge you nor dismiss your pain and struggles. When you are in a relationship with someone with anxiety, you have someone who will never tell you that you are overreacting. Instead, they will be by your side always supporting you and believing in you.

Because people with anxiety are not broken. They are wonderful human beings. Their anxiety is not their flaw, but it is their strength because it has made them strong.

If you have someone with anxiety in your life, you should consider yourself lucky that you have someone so gentle, loving, and caring.

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