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Here’s Why Outspoken People Make The Best Friends


Irritating and rude as they may be, but blunt people actually make the best friends, according to many psychologists.

I’m sure we all know that one person, be it a family member, a friend, or co-worker, who has absolutely no filter. Outspoken people say exactly what they think and what they want from you without beating around the bush and sugarcoating their words.

With blunt people, it’s simple – if you want to hear their opinion, you’ll get it.

And yes, they can sometimes appear rude and insensitive, but isn’t a sincere opinion, answer, and advice what we all crave and deserve to hear, especially when we’re struggling to make an important decision or going through problems?

So, if you already have a brutally honest friend, you can consider yourself lucky.

Here’s why outspoken people make the best friends:

1. They’re always sincere and direct.

Someone who fits into the category of outspoken people is always going to be straightforward and direct with you. They’re always going to tell you the truth no matter how harsh or painful it may be and regardless of whether you want to hear it or not.

However, this doesn’t mean that they’re going to be inconsiderate and cruel. It simply means that they’ll tell you exactly what you need and deserve to hear so as to better deal with a problem, make an important decision, or get through a difficult or painful time in your life.

2. They are not ashamed to apologize.

Admitting when you’ve said or done something wrong can be hard for some people, but never for blunt people. In fact, admitting when they’re wrong is very easy for them. Why?

Because they can’t stand to beat around the bush or shift the blame onto someone else and act like they’re innocent. Additionally, they don’t find it hard at all pointing other people’s mistakes and bad actions, so why should they have difficulty admitting their own?

3. They always have your back.

Blunt people don’t tolerate injustice and other people’s bullsh*t. When they notice someone is trying to put them down, they’re quick to defend themselves and let the other person know that they’re not going to put up with their behavior.

Having a blunt friend means having someone who is always going to stand up for you and protect you from any person who’d try to belittle you or hurt your feelings. Someone who is always going to stand by your side and unselfishly offer you their help and support. Someone who will never allow you to make stupid mistakes.

4. They have high moral standards and they will never compromise them.

Outspoken people can sometimes appear insensitive and harsh due to the fact that they always tell it like it is, whether you like to hear it or not. But the truth is that it’s not their intention to hurt anyone’s feelings or make themselves look smarter than everyone else.

The thing is that they have high moral standards that they refuse to compromise for anyone. They understand what’s morally right and wrong and with their sincere comments, answers, and advice, they make sure they keep everyone else on the track.

And their brutal honesty and genuine intentions are what make them special and certainly the best friends.

5. You will always know how they feel about you.

A blunt person doesn’t have a problem expressing their feelings and intentions. This means you’ll never have to wonder how they feel about you and what kind of intentions they have with you.

It’s simple – if they don’t like you, they’ll let you know it. And if they want to be your friends, they’ll make sure they build and maintain a meaningful, deep, and lasting friendship with you.

6. They help you grow into the best possible version of yourself.

Most people find it difficult to tell their friends what things they need to change or improve about themselves. But blunt people find no problem in this. An outspoken person is going to point out all your flaws, weaknesses, and fears. They’ll honestly and, most importantly, objectively tell you what aspects of your life need improvement.

So, if you’re really willing and prepared to grow, make sure you carefully listen to what your blunt friend is sharing with you.