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Here’s Why Readers Are The Best People To Fall In Love With


Have you ever laid your hands on that new fiction best-seller that just arrived in your mail and read it cover to cover without even catching your breath? I mean truly finished.

 As you slowly turned that last page you took a deep breath and sat there feeling painfully vacant but somehow fulfilled, both at the same time. The ingenious paradox that feels like falling in love with someone you know you’ll never see again but at the same time you are satisfied and calm.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” ― George R.R. Martin

It’s no surprise readers are the best people. They have experienced more, saw life through a thousand abstract eyes and got to see the world from every unique perspective.

They’ve learned what’s like to be inside somebody’s (in their case everyone’s) skin and watch someone suffer or rise above the ground. They grew closer to every chapter, every sequel, every book.

And I will let you in on a little “secret”. Readers are known to be the best people to fall in love with. So, if you feel somewhat sad, incomplete, it’s possible you haven’t already met your perfect bookworm-y “second self”.

 I suggest a change of scenery. Maybe your local bookstore? Or the town’s library?

Here are all the valid reasons why.

Intelligence is the new black

Smart is the new sexy, am I right?

Excuse me, but I’m sure we don’t need science to back us up on this.  Reading makes you smarter, increases your overall knowledge in different fields, and helps you to perform better in your GPAs and exam scores.

There’s nothing sexier than a stimulating conversation on a curious topic with “them bookworms”.

Bookworms are creative problem solvers

And because of their universal knowledge in every topic possible, readers are quite awesome to have in tricky situations.  People who spend their precious time reading have developed better analytical skills and are the most efficient when it comes to a tight-rope situation. 

It’s safe to say that due to their constant mind-travel to fictional worlds beyond your imagination, a reader’s mind is exceptionally creative. And if you’re lucky enough to have one of them in your life, they will make sure to keep your life, as well as the bedroom, interesting.

They will understand you on a deeper level

Empathy is one of the most important virtue people look for. It is vital that you fall for someone who will love you for your soul more than your body.

According to both 2006 and 2009 studies published by Raymond Mar, a psychologist at York University in Canada, and Keith Oatley, a professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Toronto,  people who read have a better ability to empathize and truly deeply understand you.

Furthermore, that they are capable of holding opinions, beliefs, and interests apart from their own. This is known as the “theory of mind”. They have lived a thousand lives through every book. Because of their curious nature to constantly connect with every character, they’ll always try to see things from different perspective.

 Judging you is just not their thing.

Bibliophiles have better memories

Just like your body, the brain itself gains a lot from a good workout. And what’s a better way than reading? It is scientifically proven that reading helps you exercise your brain and in return creates new synapses that boosts your memory function.

With every book you finish, you create a brand-new memory as well as a full-storage capacity to hold more information in your brain.

So, say goodbye to forgotten dates or forgotten anniversaries.

Talking is one of their strongest suits

Bookworms are quite the talkers. They have so much to tell, you’ll never want to leave the discussion.  Because of their broader vocabulary and knowledge on various subjects, you’ll be amazed by the fluent course your conversation leads.

Readers are more intellectually curious and open-minded than other people, so you can rest assured – You’ll never feel bored again.