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Here’s Why Relationships Are Really Challenging For People Who Overthink


We’ve all experienced the hardship of keeping a certain relationship alive. We all know how much efforts and how much energy a bond needs to survive.

Every relationship is a challenge. Even the one that looks dreamy and perfect on the outside sometimes faces hailstorms and hurricanes on the inside.

But, when you add anxiety and a person who tends to overthink everything, that’s when it gets truly insufferable. It’s right at that moment when confusion and doubt take over, and sanity starts to fade away.

Overthinking is a harmful habit. Even though it sounds like a regular, everyday routine, overthinking can truly destroy a relationship.

But, sadly not all of the sufferers out there understand this. When an overthinker dives deep inside the realms of their mind, their logic and sanity go immediately out of the window.  Everything they once knew is gone. Every fragment of reality is missing. And the deeper they go, the more issues they create.

Problems that have never existed, situations that have never been there in the first place, people who have never said or done anything the overthinker believes they’ve done.

Their mind is literally playing tricks on these people.

Suddenly, they’re paying too much attention to details. They notice everything you do, and they search for a hidden meaning behind your actions. Every move, every breathe, every eye roll, every gesture is a potential red button that if pressed has the power to trigger their insecurities.

Even if there’s nothing suspicious about your hand gestures or the way you talk, overthinkers would still analyze your behavior and create a certain dark, unimaginable scenarios in their mind. They simply cannot help it.

However, no matter how difficult these people sometimes are, overthinkers still deserve to be loved and respected. They simply hope that one day they’ll meet a person who will find a way to understand their peculiar souls and troubled minds.

Someone who would reassure them that everything is fine. Someone who would help them overcome their fears, convince them that sometimes everything they dread is simply inside their mind. Someone who would help them understand that they are the only one who can control their mind.

Someone who would help them open up and communicate. Someone who would encourage them to speak up and share their issues out loud. Someone who would be patient enough to read them carefully, understand them and help them fight the urge to destroy everything around them.

 Someone who would accept them with all of their flaws and imperfections, love them for exactly who they are, but also someone who would help them change. Someone who would pick them up when their whole world is falling apart. Someone who would give their best efforts to be there for them when no one isn’t.

Because these people deserve it. They might be a real challenge when it comes to love and relationships, but they deserve to be loved. Because they care. No matter how selfish and inconsiderate or needy they sometimes seem, these people are full of love and affection. They just don’t know the proper way to show it.

Under every bit of anxiety and every layer of paranoia, lays a heart who simply cares too much.