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Here’s Why Strong People Tend To Attract Difficult Relationships


You’d think that everything flows smoothly in a strong person’s life, but this is not true. I’ve seen so many independent, resilient, and inspiring strong people enter relationships that are stressful, manipulative, and abusive. So, the real question is: why is this so?

There are probably many reasons why strong people end up in the arms of someone who doesn’t deserve them. However, I believe the most common reason for this is the fact that strong people feel so comfortable in their skin and are good at dealing with the baggage they carry from their past that it often takes a relationship to make them leave their comfort zone.

Another reason is that strong people feel the need to embark on other journeys of self-discovery where they can gain a deeper insight into themselves and continue growing.

So, if the following three types of relationships look familiar to you, it’s likely you fit into the category of strong people.

Here are the 3 types of difficult relationships strong people attract and how to move through them:

1. Soulmate relationship.

In this type of relationship, strong people attain the above-mentioned self-discovery as their weaknesses become apparent. They attract this kind of relationships because their soulmate challenges their soul and makes it grow, which is the ultimate goal of these relationships.

Being in this kind of relationship in which strong people learn a lot about themselves can be quite stressful and draining, but it’s undoubtedly a rewarding experience. It doesn’t necessarily mean that soulmate relationships last a lifetime, but its effects are likely to last forever.

2.Healing relationship.

Strong people are healers because they can handle the pain of those who need healing. They can comfort and encourage their partner and serve as their crying shoulder. They show interest in their problems and ease their pain. That’s why strong people attract those who need attention, emotional support, and healing.

The healing in this type of relationship benefits both partners. Yet, the strong person should be careful not to get caught up in a one-sided relationship in which they’ll be the only ones who are healing the other person and never feel the benefits of it themselves.

Additionally, if the strong person feels emotionally drained due to the constant healing, this can be a sign that they should change their way of thinking, stop focusing on healing their partner for a while and take more care of themselves.

Moreover, if their partner really loves them, they’ll understand that it’s time for them to swap roles.

3.Karmic relationship.

This is probably the most challenging relationship strong people go through as it overflows with karma from their past. Everyone comes with their own baggage and this type of relationship triggers the things within you that can make you feel confused, uneasy, and heavy.

Karmic relationships are often intense, especially at the beginning when both partners are still getting to know each other. They can feel a strong attraction for each other, or even repulsion depending on the mental and emotional state they’re in. Healing old wounds is undoubtedly a challenging thing, but it can also be therapeutic as it relieves their pain and purifies them.

What can strong people do to move through difficult relationships?

1. Embrace the challenges that come your way.

Every challenge you face in your relationships is just a part of the journey that is supposed to make you grow further. Stop trying to have everything under control. Embrace the difficult relationships because they’re usually the most helpful and rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. Try to be spontaneous and enjoy every moment you spend together with your partner.

2. Give yourself permission to be weak sometimes.

I know you’re the one who goes through life helping and supporting other people, but you can’t always be the strong one. There are times when you just feel exhausted and weak. And you shouldn’t feel ashamed or less worthy because of that. It’s totally okay if you let your partner support you once in a while.

3. Remove the obstacles.

Do your best to overcome the obstacles that interfere with the well-being of the relationship, even if that means getting into arguments from time to time. The occasional arguments will strengthen your relationship and help you grow as a person.

4. Be yourself.

If he/she is the right person for you, they’ll love and accept you for who you are. You should never pretend to be someone you’re not. Moreover, you should never feel insecure or ashamed of your flaws because they make the person you are. At the end of the day, you’re the strong one so being yourself should never be a problem for you.

5. Love yourself.

If you truly love yourself, it’ll be easier for you to move forward in the relationship. On the other hand, if you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to honestly love and respect your partner and establish a meaningful, deep, and successful relationship.