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Here’s Why Women That Don’t Love Themselves Have A Hard Time Trusting Others


Women that don’t love themselves have a hard time trusting others since they struggle to find out why anyone would be interested in them. When they notice that someone is flirting with them, they immediately assume that this person has some hidden intentions. They think that they just want to jump into their bed.

They doubt good intentions since it’s difficult for them to believe that anyone would love them when they don’t even love themselves.

That’s why when they enter a serious relationship with someone, it takes them a long time to start feeling comfortable around their partner. Why?

Because their mind is bombarded with all kinds of questions and doubts. They become suspicious when their partner comes home late from work. They feel insecure when they see their partner talking with an attractive woman. They fear that their significant other will realize one day that they aren’t meant for each other and leave them.

And do you know what the saddest thing is?

Regardless of how well their partner treats them and regardless of how much they trust their significant other when they say that they are never going to lie to them, cheat on them, and hurt them, one part of them always worries that they might do all of these things and even abandon them.

Women that don’t love themselves have a hard time believing that anyone would love them. They are able to come up with thousands of reasons as to why someone wouldn’t want to be with them, but they hardly ever find even one reason why someone would want to win their heart.

They even have a hard time believing in themselves as well. When they look at themselves in the mirror, they only see their imperfections. They feel useless and weak every time they make a mistake or fail to achieve a goal. They think they’re not good enough when they see a pretty, successful woman.

Indeed, women that don’t love themselves are their own worst enemy. Because they can’t see the beauty that lies within them. They can’t see the beauty and uniqueness of their soul. They see their vulnerabilities, insecurities, and fears instead. They allow their weaknesses and imperfections to determine their happiness, sense of fulfillment, and worth.  

There is only one thing that these women should always remember: The only person who can give them the love and happiness they deserve is themselves.