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Here’s Why You May Be Struggling with Poor Streaming Quality


Access to phenomenal video streaming websites has made our lives a lot more entertaining and engaging. We are flooded with a multitude of choices, no matter what genre we might be interested in.

You might be watching the best movie, but your entire experience can turn sour if it is suddenly interrupted by buffering, quality drop, or complete halt of the stream altogether. This problem has become a head-scratcher for many consumers but not everyone has been able to figure out the answer.

We are here to let you know that access to reliable streaming services is not enough for high-quality streaming sessions. There are a few other contributors as well. Let’s check them out.

The Internet

The most obvious factor for the quality of the stream is internet connection. If you do not have a high-speed internet connection, it won’t matter even if you have the best streaming service to watch your content on.

Thus, the availability of the best internet service is vital for you to be able to enjoy flawless streaming. There are several options you may choose from such as Optimum, Spectrum, and AT&T, and more. You might also want to check out Suddenlink, which not only offers blazing-fast internet speeds but also a chance to bundle your internet service with Suddenlink TV at reduced rates for you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Log on to BuyTVInternetPhone right now and find out more about its service description.

Source File

Even if you have everything working perfectly for you and the streaming quality is still poor, then it might be because of the source file. If the source file has a finite quality standard, then the streaming service will not be able to enhance it on its own.

Streaming services often keep several files of the same video with different quality i.e. 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc. If you are playing a video with lower quality, then you may be able to watch it buffer-free but the picture quality won’t improve.


A router is the single most important component of your wireless connection to the internet. If you want to experience access flawless internet and stream high-quality content, you need to address all router-related matters.

For instance, not every router is best suited for your needs. Every router offers various features and functionalities. While some are suited for light usage, others make for a more hardcore connection.

Before you choose your router, you have to go through all its features such as the number of bands, model, USB ports, processor cores, and more. Only then, you can choose the right router for yourself.

After buying the perfect router, you need to place it at the most optimal location. Your router location should ideally be in the center of your home. Also, it should be in an open space; keeping it in a closed space such as a cupboard or drawer may hide the wires but it will affect the router’s performance significantly.

Crowded Servers

Next, the server also plays a role. You are not the only one trying to access addictive content to watch online; millions of people attempt to access the same content simultaneously.

At times, when there are is an abundance of requests for the same file, the server tends to become overburdened, which in turn affects the streaming quality for everyone. This may be something that you cannot control, but at least you should know about it.

Wired Connections are Still Faster

You may be used to enjoying wireless connectivity on a regular basis, but it does not even come close to the reliability that an Ethernet cable provides. A Wi-Fi connection may drop under heavy usage or in some parts of the house, but an Ethernet connection is free from these problems.

You can connect the device you use for streaming with an Ethernet cable and still use the router for other devices in a wireless environment. You just have to figure out a way to keep the untidy wires away from the line of sight as it can seem quite untidy.

Wi-Fi May Be Crowded

If you are in a completely wireless environment, every member of the house will be connected to the same Wi-Fi with a bunch of their own devices such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, and more. If everyone is simultaneously connected to the same network, your Wi-Fi will not have enough strength left to cater to each person.

You need to figure out which devices can be connected via Ethernet cables and which need Wi-Fi. Also, try to disconnect any unnecessary devices from Wi-Fi i.e. if you are watching via a Wi-Fi-connected device, to prevent any loss of internet strength.

The Bottom Line

There you have it- these are the factors that primarily contribute to the quality of your streams. Not all factors may be in your control but you can still control some of the factors in order to improve your experience.