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Here’s What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Drinking Habits


Regardless of whether you believe in horoscope or not, you can agree that it’s a great way to kill some time.

And wouldn’t it be fun to know how every zodiac sign behaves when they are drunk? ????

Read on to find out the drinking habits of each Zodiac.


Drunk Aries can be seen bouncing from person to person making sure that everyone is having fun. If they see someone that is not enjoying themselves, an Aries will buy them enough drinks until they are on their level of ‘drunkenness.’

Plus, their friendly and outgoing nature makes them great drinking buddies. You can always count on an Aries for a happy hour.


Taurus is known to be the most loyal Zodiac of all. So, you can always count on a Taurus to be by your side. Need a wingman? Call a Taurus.

However, keep in mind that when a Taurus blacks out, their stubbornness emerges and stepping down would be your wisest choice. If they don’t like the place or your plan for the night, be sure that they won’t back down, especially when they are intoxicated.


Geminis are known for their split personalities. So, you can imagine how hard it can be to go out and get drunk with someone whose behavior changes in a wink. If you see that someone disappears when they are drunk – it is most probably a Gemini.

They can’t be around indecisive people. So, you better prepare every single detail for the night if you want to hang out with a Gemini. It will help if various places are included because Geminis get bored when they are in the same place for a long time.


Emotions run deep with this sigh. They are likely to start crying if someone doesn’t go their way. This is why it can be quite a challenge to drink with a Cancer.

One moment it appears that they are having the best time, and the next moment they are crying on the bathroom floor or screaming at the bartender.


Give Leo some liquor and you will soon regret it because they won’t shut up. When drunk, a Leo doesn’t hold back their views and opinions, even if someone might get offended by them.

Also, be careful when you try to put them in their place because the ego of Leo is high, and their true nature is like that of a lion’s – a leader.


Virgo may not be your ideal drinking partner because they hate being amid a crowd of people. They prefer to be alone, drinking a glass of wine after a busy workday.

However, if you are up for an elegant night at a classy restaurant – your Virgo neat-freak friend would be your best company.


This sign is maybe the best one for going out and getting hammered with. Their joy for life and radiating happiness makes everyone around them feel good.

Moreover, they are grounded which makes them able to solve every problem that might occur during the night. Did you get in a fight? Ask your friend Libra to intervene in the situation.


If you want to hear the truth, get a Scorpio drunk and see how they reveal all their secret thoughts. An intoxicated Scorpio doesn’t hold anything back.

Moreover, you can always count on Scorpio when you need a drinking buddy. They won’t refuse a drink under any circumstances. Luckily, they hide their feelings, so you can be sure that you won’t have to console a crying Scorpio. 


Sagittarius’s sharp tongue and anger predisposition don’t mix well with alcohol. So, be careful when you go out drinking with your Sagittarius friend.

However, they are excellent wingmen. Next time when you need a partner for a double date – look no more. Their adventurous and charismatic nature will make for a blast of a night.


Capricorns, or chameleons if you will, are among the greatest drinking buddies that you will ever have because they can accommodate themselves in any situation.

Their carefree and light nature makes them fun to be around. Moreover, they don’t gossip because other people’s businesses don’t interest them. They are interested only in themselves and their enjoyment.


Regardless of how fun it is to have a few shots in a bar with an Aquarius, it can become a dangerous situation, so you better be careful. Because if you piss them off things will soon hit the fan.

This sign changes their personality at the drop of a hat which makes every drinking experience with them a new tale to be told.


It is always interesting to go out and drink with a Pisces. Their emotional side is so intense that you can watch them turn from drinking buddies to therapists in a matter of seconds.

However, be careful with their mood swings as one extra drink can really push them over the edge.