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Hero Pit Bull Drags 7-Month-Old Baby To Safety After House Goes Up In Flames


This is a story that proves that certain breeds of dogs that have a reputation for being unpredictable and even aggressive don’t actually deserve the stigma that is attached to them. The pit bull breed is probably at the top of this category since these dogs are often regarded as fierce, unpredictable, and aggressive.

However, one mother from California learned firsthand that this breed’s reputation for being dangerous isn’t deserved at all. Moreover, she has her pit bull to thank for saving both her and her 7-month-old daughter’s lives.

Latana Chai was at home together with her baby Masailah and her 8-month-old pit bull Sasha when all of a sudden she heard the pup barking loudly at the back door. She immediately knew something was wrong since Sasha’s behavior was so strange – she’d never barked so intensely and frantically before.

Mom Latana Chai explains that her daughter and the pit bull are very close. They’ve spent every moment in their lives together as they were born only days apart.

The bond between the child and the four-legged pet was about to become even closer when their neighbor’s house went up in flames.

As soon as Latana heard Sasha barking, she opened the door so as to check on her, and that is when she saw flames and black smoke coming out of her neighbor’s house.

As the fire was spreading fast from the neighboring house over to her own, Latana quickly ran upstairs to get her daughter – just to discover that Sasha was already trying to drag the baby to safety by holding her in her mouth by the diaper. Then, Latana took everyone outside to safety.

It’s no wonder Sasha’s being called a hero because if it wasn’t for her warning, things could’ve ended really bad.

Find out more about this amazing dog and her heroic deed in the video below.