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Hilarious Moment: Man Wakes Up To Find His Dog Wearing His Dentures


Dogs are man’s best friend isn’t just an adage. It is the real truth. Besides always being loyal to you, they bring joy and happiness into your life. Whether they are warmly and innocently looking at you while you eat so as to give them a piece of your food, chewing your slippers, hiding your TV remote, or just greeting you by wagging their tail excitedly when you get home, these 4-legged adorable creatures do all of the little things which put a smile on your face.

Indeed, when you have a cute, playful dog roaming about the house, you simply never get bored. And Eunice, a woman from Long Island, New York, knows this the best. On her Twitter account, she decided to share a funny story about her cute little Shih Tzu dog called Maggie that played a really funny trick on her elderly father.

This mischievous deed was done one afternoon while Eunice’s father was taking a nap. But as his gums had been hurting him, he took the dentures out and put them aside before he took his afternoon nap.

However, when he woke up later, he was surprised to find that his dentures were gone. He immediately thought that perhaps he had absentmindedly left them in a different place. But, he was wrong.

While he was searching for his dentures, he found Maggie hiding under his living room table with a hilarious grin spread across her face.

Yes, the dog’s mouth was full of  Eunice’s father’s teeth. And, of course, he couldn’t help but take pictures of this little thief’s hilarious grin. When Eunice posted them on Twitter, they went viral in no time. And it’s no wonder since the photos are adorable.