Elijah Wood Just Exposed Hollywood’s Organized Pedophilia Ring

Elijah Wood Just Exposed Hollywood’s Organized Pedophilia Ring


Corey Scott Feldman, one of the Hollywood actors popular for his appearances in children movies during the 1980s, had a couple of publicly stated accusations of pedophilic abuses of children actors.

According to his indictments, the children movie industry is a very gloomy and a scary place – the complete opposite of what it looks like on the outside. Being abused himself, Friedman stated in a couple of opportunities that pedophilia is one of the biggest issues that Hollywood struggles with.

However, taking into consideration the actor’s troubled past, his dead career as well as his constant quest for attention, Feldman’s accusations were not taken entirely seriously.

The change in the story’s plot happened, when one of the most loved and most innocent faces of Hollywood, the famous actor Elijah Wood, supported Feldman’s story.

Wood has started his acting career also as a child, back in 1989, and same as Corey Feldman, he has a chance to observe the actual life behind the screens.

Just recently, out of the blue, in an interview for the Sunday Times, he accused the Hollywood’s children movies industry to be an abusive and dark place.

To the surprise of many, he says that there is a very organized “underground” world and repetitive patterns of children actors being sexually abused.

Fortunately, Elijah managed to remain safe regardless of his involvement in many children projects. As he claims, his parents were very protective and shielding, did not allow him to attend Hollywood’s teen parties where most of the crimes were happening and made sure he is safe. However, not all of the kids were that lucky.

According to Elijah, the biggest problem is that the kids are too confused to understand what is happening to them; and once they become aware, they are afraid to say anything.

They are being threatened in different ways and in most cases the truth comes out too late. The result is devastating: teenagers with destroyed lives and serious psychological consequences.

It is a very big issue that the people involved in the crimes, are some of the most powerful figures of Hollywood. 

In some cases, even if a child speaks up about his/her tragedy, there is a whole system that will not allow the story to come out in public, or to cause any damage to the reputation of the person involved.

Moreover, another problem is the fact of the interrelations between the media owners – there are couple of companies that produce Hollywood movies and own all related media.

All of this makes even more difficult for information to come out in the public. When few people are in charge, it is very simple to hide information that might cause problems and to depict industry picture as one chooses to.

These completely innocent kids and their parents come to Hollywood to show a talent and to succeed, and at instances they become part of a pattern that is very difficult to be broken.

One would question, what about the police? Well, surprisingly, Wood accuses that not only they are not doing anything to prevent the calamity, but they are also part of it. They are the ones that are making sexual abuse easy to reoccur, as they are collaborating with the wrongdoer on hiding their acts.

Similar claims were stated by another Hollywood children teen idol, Corey Haim, who was molested when he was fourteen. Later one, he and Feldman filmed a reality show about their experiences, called “The two Cories”, where Haim accuses Feldman of not doing anything to protect him, although he knew Haim was molested.

The list of Hollywood actors with similar statements does not end up here. A while ago, the public has a chance to hear the extremely terrifying heart openings of Jessa Dillon- Crisp, a sex trafficking survivor.

She was sexually abused by members of her family, and later sold to different abusers and repeatedly raped. As a teenager, she was forced to take pornographic pictures. There was no one to protect her, as the police itself was involved in the whole process.

Furthermore, we have Esther Maker, opening to the public that as a child, prominent figures and politicians, in front of the eyes of the police, raped her. She was not the only child involved in the scandal.

As Elijah ends his story, there are countless numbers of similar testimonials. There are hundreds of sick, but powerful people that find their prey and destroy lives.

The story is a scary one, and certainly, it is about time something is done.

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