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How can weed help you relax?


If you’re looking to find the right strain to keep you relaxed and calm, you’ve come to the right place. Apart from helping you decide which strains are best for relaxation, we’ll take a deep dive into what makes these strains great for stress and anxiety relief and cover everything else along the way. 

How Does Weed Help with Relaxation?

If you’re looking for a sedative or relaxing experience, weed has got you covered. While not all strains provide relaxing effects, some strains, as we are going to discuss below, are specially designed with those effects in mind.

But how does weed help us relax exactly and what is it that brings on those effects?

There are several ways in which cannabis can help in such situations, so let’s see what those are.

  1. By Replenishing Endocannabinoids

According to a study conducted by scientists at the University at Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions, chronic stress reduced the production of endocannabinoids, leading to depression-like behavior in the animals they studied.

That’s exactly where cannabis steps in.

The findings these researchers came up with raise the option of using cannabis as a treatment for depression, anxiety disorders and stress-related problems by interacting with the endocannabinoid system and reducing stress and anxiety.

    2. By Offering Natural Anxiety Relief

While this claim is especially true when cannabis is used in the form of CBD oil, it’s not just CBD that’s helpful in the process.

Strains that are higher in THC can sometimes be associated with an increase in anxiety levels with continued use, as one study suggests. However, that doesn’t make high-THC strains unsuitable for treatment of anxiety and stress, since many of those strains, if picked according to your needs and preferences can work great for these exact purposes and can help you reach a relaxing, calming and mellow high.

How to Choose a Strain for Relaxation?

Now that you’re familiar with the main ways that weed helps you relax, let’s see what makes these strains different and what you should look for in a strain if you’re searching for a nice body high to relax and mellow you out.

Sativa Vs Indica

While Sativa strains are known to help reduce anxiety and stress, they are primarily used for their energizing and euphoric effects. They provide more of a head high whereas Indica strains offer a full-body high that relaxes you and calms you down. 

This is what makes Indica strains the traditional go-to weapon for relaxation.

High THC Levels

Strains that are primarily designed for relaxation purposes typically have high THC levels, such as the strains from Herbies Seeds we’ll be recommending below, which all have THC levels of above 24% and up to 30%.

Even THC-to-CBD ratio

If you’re looking for strains with lower THC levels but are still primarily interested in weed’s relaxing and calming properties, when it comes to relaxation a lot of cannabis users opt for strains with an equal or at least roughly even THC-to-CBD ratio.

This is because CBD in combination with THC can counteract and level out THC’s intoxicating effects and allow you to relax and feel calm, while maintaining enough energy to get through a busy day.

If you’re looking for these effects, but have a full schedule and need to get things done, you should go for strains with even THC-to-CBD-ratios or strains that are high on CBD and low on THC.

High CBD levels

Strains that have high CBD levels and are low in THC are typically used for their sedating and relaxing properties. They are best used before bed or in the evenings and are proven to help with sleeping disorders and stress. 

What’s great about these strains is that they don’t come with the intoxicating effects that are associated with high-THC strains. This means that if you’re looking to keep your head clear, while enjoying all the relaxing and calm effects offered by high-CBD strains, then these strains may be a good choice for you.

Which Strain Should I Choose?

While you can always reach out for high CBD strains and strains with a balanced THC-to-CBD-ratio to achieve the desired relaxing and sedating effects, those of you who are looking to get relaxed to a point of couchlock, seek out Indica-dominant strains with high THC levels. 

To help narrow down your search, and help you find the most relaxing and sedating strain there is, click here to check out Herbies’ selection of the best strains for relaxation. 

All of their strains are categorized according to what effects they provide, so if you’re strictly looking for a strain that can help you relax, they’ve got you covered.