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How Can You Engage & Communicate with People via YouTube Videos


YouTube videos are the norm of the hour. With social media taking the virtual world by storm, it is obvious that seeing is believing. The impact of a video is far stronger and better than that of a photograph. Thus, YouTube videos are being used by people, brands and companies alike to share their services, stories and showcase themselves to a larger mass. Here’s what you can do to attract more comments on your videos:

Focus on audience engagement

It’s 2017, and things are changing. With more and more YouTubers being able to buy followers and build a tribe of fake subscribers, the agencies looking to contact them are now shifting focus to audience engagement. Actual subscribers too can easily figure out the sudden jump in Thus, having a community of genuine followers is imperative, as is creating a following across all social media accounts to direct traffic to the videos.  

Generate comments on your videos

In order to differentiate a genuine account from a less authentic one, one of the key factors of concern is the connection that the channel has with its viewers. This is pretty obvious with the comments exchanged, likes and dislikes, rather than a mere jump in numbers. Let us address this shift in focus and get more YouTube comments per video. After all, it’s all about interacting with viewers and hearing them out.

Cater to a target audience

Understanding your target audience is of prime importance. The kind of videos you create, the content, the style and flow of the videos should revolve around the niche you choose to cater to. If you target the right kind of people, you are bound to get more comments and engagement from them. Try to get 4000 hours to monetize your channel and indulge in interactions around your videos, ask open-ended questions, and leave links to follow up on your description tab.

Comment on other’s videos

Do as you would want others to do. Thus, if you are expecting people to comment on your videos, you ought to comment on theirs too. It’s always a give and take scenario. Take some time out every day or at least every alternate day to leave genuine comments on fellow YouTuber’s videos. Do not end up spamming, but try to be as authentic as you can.  

Focus on quality rather than quantity

It is never about the number of videos you release per week or month. It is about the kind of videos you release that lures the audience into watching them. Always create content that has some value to the viewers, gives them something worth their time and connects with the audience, in turn causing them to share, subscribe and comment on the videos. Don’t forget to ask your subscribers to comment and share them, while focusing on encouraging them to leave a comment below.

By following the above tips and tricks, you can easily gain more comments per video. It takes a little time to generate a stable number, but when it does, these tips are sure shot ways of achieving engagement.