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How Daydreaming and Rest Will Strengthen Your Writing Practice

How Daydreaming and Rest Will Strengthen Your Writing Practice

Fostering exploration and mental relaxation to let free flow of thoughts requires the mind to be peaceful. Daydreaming during leisure time adds to numerous benefits for the writers. A creative mind is profound with thoughts and a writer’s job is to provide direction to these thoughts on the right path. What exactly is the impact of daydreaming and rest on the quality of your writing, you will learn from the article from WriteMyEssays service, read and be inspired!


Scientific studies show that daydreamers have higher intellect. They are found to be much more creative. Researchers say that people with an efficient brain always tend to daydream as they cannot stop their minds from wandering all around. Daydreaming is an act of staying immersed in thoughts throughout time. Daydreaming gives you a floating sensation.

A sensation where you get lost in some other world where you make a portrait of your imagination. Writing down these imaginations comes complementary to it. Daydreaming comes naturally to writers, it can not be acquired from someone else. It is like being a creative person comes along with the attribute of daydreaming. It is scientifically proven that one needs to adapt the habit of daydreaming if the person is planning to become an efficient writer. Daydreaming gives wings to a person’s WRITING skills.

The most essential weapon for a writer is his/her thinking capability. Now coming into what exactly is daydreaming. The most typical idea of daydreaming is staring at some vacant place with a blank mind. This typical daydreaming is a waste of time. True daydreaming is where one’s mind wanders through different realms of fantasy in an unstoppable manner.

The most productive way of implementing daydreaming is to put the imaginations onto paper. Jotting down the thoughts onto a piece of paper results in a magical piece of content. It gives out content that is a masterpiece made out of one’s imagination.


Resting is known to be one of the crucial parts of the creating process. It is said that WRITING always tends to be better if rests are out adequately in busy schedules. Cranking out words constantly on a page without implementing rest sessions prevents an individual from being a whole version of himself. WRITING is a form of art and putting rest in between working schedules is one of the most essential aspects of effective WRITING.

To apply rest in between working schedules, one must try to abide by the following:

* Taking a break after every completion of every task- Sticking to a break time in between WRITING is necessary. The author may spend their leisure time in his way doing whatever he/she wishes to. Performing willful tasks during this session will help to focus more efficiently and instill creativity.

* Taking a day off between hectic work schedules- Harder as it seems because almost every writer enjoys work and taking a day off feels out of the chart. Yet, sometimes it is necessary as all work without rest makes it problematic.

* Trying to take a whole week off- This is undoubtedly the most difficult task to be executed. Writers do need to free their minds. Instilling their minds with knowledge and rich value is necessary. Taking a week off and bumping into sudden vacations close to nature surely helps in freeing the mind and upgrading the moral spirit.


Daydreaming and resting altogether is a productive package that harvests better results for a writer. The brain cannot maintain focus all the time. It requires a certain period of relaxation. For example: after a day of a dreadful experience, the collective rest work helps in distancing oneself from worrisome circumstances.

Daydreaming while resting works in dealing with busy environments and expected threats. It can make the writer visualize his/her favorite seaside or favorite woods. Thus, like meditations, daydreaming is a remedy to relax the mind, heal the heart, and comfort the soul. While in anxiety, a person might daydream to get over the same.

If one masters the art of balancing daydreaming with resting and putting their thoughts in the right order then they create magic. Magical writing becomes a true masterpiece of imagination. Giving wings to your imagination is the true sign of a writer. It is similar to filling colors on a canvas. Imaginations are the true essence of a writing piece.