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How do Breasts Look After Explant Surgery?

Breast implants

Breast implants change the appearance of your breasts. The procedure gives your breasts a desired beautiful look and you can enjoy the implants for your entire lifetime. However, you might consider explant surgery in the future to remove the implants. It is then a good idea to understand what will happen after removing the implants.

What do I expect after explant surgery?

For most patients, breasts don’t return to their pre-augmentation state after explant surgery. That’s because the implant replacements stretch your skin and the weight of the implants causes a degree of sagging. 

Other factors such as weight gain or pregnancy will also cause variation in your breast size and shape after explant surgery. For instance, if you gain weight since the initial breast augmentation surgery, your breast volume will increase more than before the implant.

Luckily, with an experienced surgeon, you can be sure that you’ll still have natural-looking breasts. After the explant surgery, you need adequate recovery time. Although the time varies, this can last between a few days to a few weeks.

During recovery, avoid lifting heavy stuff or similar strenuous activities. Unfortunately, you might experience some potential aesthetic issues after the surgery. Also, it’s normal to experience soreness, bruising, and sensitivity in the first few weeks post-surgery. Breast procedures such as breast reduction can resolve these problems. (1)

When to consider breast implant removal

Before getting your breast implant removed, it’s essential to consider the reasons for considering the procedure.

Such reasons include:

1. Changing activity levels.

If you have been increasing your cardio workouts, you can consider removing your implants to achieve a lean, toned physique.

2. Keeping up with trends.

You might consider removing or downsizing your implants to match current trends.

3. Physical illness or discomfort.

You can seek breast implant removal if your implants feel painful or problematic. Also, if you experience implant illness, you can seek medical attention to remove the implants.

4. Return to a more natural look.

Sometimes, breast implants make you have an overly round, artificial look. To achieve a natural look, you’ll have to seek implant removal or replace them with ones that suit you.

Is breast lifting necessary after implant removal?

Doctors recommend combining breast implant removal with a breast lift to reshape your breast contours and remove excess skin from the implant-related stretching. The procedure gives your tighter breasts a younger look.

What procedures will improve breast appearance after implant removal?

Usually, your breast appearance will be affected by implant removal. But with the proper techniques, you can reverse the effects. The procedures will restore your breast’s natural look, revive your breast volume and shape, and restore your nipple positioning.

Such procedures include fat transfer. This aims to take fat from other body parts and insert it into your breasts. It will restore the volume and shape of your breasts. (2)


Change is inevitable, and circumstances may force you to change your looks through explant surgery. That is why it’s normal to consider breast removal surgery. Regardless of the reason, you’ll want to know what to expect after your explant surgery.