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How Do Curtain Colors Affect Our Mind?  


You must already be aware that color shades can have a profound effect on our mental state. This is why interior designers are very particular about selecting color schemes for the interiors of your home.

Most of us might not realize, but the wall paint in our homes distinctly impacts the mood. The textiles, too, specifically the curtains, can also have a significant influence. Some colors suit summer well, whereas some others make the best color blinds for winter.

Let us find out how the most commonly used shades in our homes can affect our minds

  • Red – The red color is synonymous with boldness, and the color is associated with love and romance. Red color invokes extreme emotions in people. Some love it, and some hate it. Although many people like to use red in their bedrooms for a bold and seductive look, the emotions that red invokes don’t make it a good candidate for rooms where people Red is more suited to rooms like dining, drawing, or media rooms.
  • Pink – Pink is a color similar to red as it is a mixture of red and Pink also evokes the same types of emotions as red, yet they get attenuated. Pink is perfect for spaces like bedrooms and dining rooms, but if the shade is not chosen carefully, the room may look like a nursery for children.
  • Orange – This is the color of People feel uninhibited by the orange color. Orange color is also associated with elevated levels of creativity. Orange color makes a good choice for kitchens and dining rooms as it increases salivation and appetite.
  • Yellow – We feel relaxed when we see Yellow gives warmth to a room and is perfect for rooms that lack warmth and brightness. Yellow makes us feel hopeful and confident. Yellow goes well with most rooms but the shades matter. For dining or living rooms, you can choose bold shades of yellow. For children’s rooms, choosing a muted shade of yellow is recommended.
  • Green – It is a natural color that brings peace and harmony to our lives. Green is everywhere we see it every day. This quality of green color makes the color a brilliant choice for curtains in any room. We also associate a few shades of green with qualities like trust and compassion. Only one thing that you need to be watchful of, don’t overuse green, or else the room could look static and
  • Blue – Another natural color, blue is a good choice for any Blue promotes a peaceful and idle feel to the environment. Time seems to slow down when blue is present. It is perfect for an idyllic setting. Children love blue, and this makes it ideal for children’s rooms.
  • Purple – A color associated with spirituality and meditation, purple is perfect for its mystic This color is suited to rooms where you want to give a feeling of calm and restfulness. For a dramatic impact, you may choose a darker aborigine shade of purple.