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How Doctors Can Make Patient Visits More Pleasant


Let’s be honest—a visit to the doctor makes most people anxious. Some of this anxiety stems from the fear of the unknown, a past misdiagnosis, or a condition that kept you at the hospital for an extended period. Apart from fear, most of us also find a doctor’s visit to be a huge inconvenience—asking for a day off at work, securing an appointment, long lines in the waiting room, and more. So, what can doctors do to make the experience more enjoyable? Here are some helpful ideas.Offer Telemedicine Services

Who said a doctor’s visit has to happen in person anymore? Some patients suffer from extreme anxiety when they must go to a health facility, making them avoid doctors altogether. Other patients have to make long trips to get to the hospital or clinic, which means high travel expenses and missing work. If a doctor offered online consultations, it would dramatically improve the patient experience.

For instance, with online doctors NZ consultations, you don’t have to take a trip to a physical clinic. All you need is a smartphone or computer and an internet connection. This is a new trend that medics are adopting to help patients access their services faster while eliminating inconveniences and travel costs. You can now make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you, have a lab test scheduled, get a diagnosis and receive a prescription, all from the comfort of your home.  

Set a Friendly Tone

Any illness will definitely cause stress and compromise a patient’s emotional well-being. This means patients need to be handled gently during a doctor’s visit. This should start at the front desk, and continue with any other staff that may interact with the patient. The majority of this responsibility falls on the doctor. Even if the level of care is top-quality, if patients feel the staff are rude or indifferent, they’ll find help elsewhere. Warm greetings, a positive attitude, and brief, but pleasant conversations by the receptionists and nurses will do the trick.

Improve Waiting Times

Nobody likes to wait, but even the most impatient person understands they have to wait their turn to see a doctor. This doesn’t mean people have to anxiously stare at each other in the waiting room. Clinics can make the wait more pleasant by creating a warm and inviting space. A TV and some magazines or other distractions in the waiting room can really calm patients down while they wait. 

Follow Up With a Survey

How will doctors know how patients truly feel about their services if they don’t offer a way for patients to rate their experience? A friendly receptionist may ask how things went, but we know very well that some people cannot express displeasure face-to-face. Fortunately, using a customer feedback system can help patients express their inner thoughts.

One excellent system is a self-service kiosk, which is placed around the exit area in a visible area of the facility. It allows patients to anonymously rate their experience. It also offers doctors a golden opportunity to learn about their shortcomings. Alternatively, doctors can send an automated email immediately after a patient’s visit and ask for feedback when the experience is still fresh in their mind. After providing feedback, doctors should promptly respond and reassure patients that improvements will be made.

Doctors Can Improve Patient Visits

As a patient, you don’t just want quality care when visiting the doctor’s office. You want to have a good experience when interacting with the staff, a stress-free experience when waiting your turn, and a reassuring feeling when speaking to the doctor. As a physician, you want your patients to have a pleasant experience so they return to your clinic regularly. So, whether you are a patient or a doctor, suggesting or implementing these ideas can help improve the experience for everyone.