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How Does Car Shipping Work?


Are you relocating to a new place or work? Moving to a different state or cross country? No matter where you move you will have to take your transportation with you.

Now, if it is a small distance, you can drive your car yourself, but if it is quite a bigger distance, you may want to get your car shipment to your new location.

Unless, you have thorough knowledge of car dealerships, you might not know how a car shipping actually works.

To make it easy for you, here we have set out the process if how a car shipping actually takes place.

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Let us check it out.

Shipping modes

You can ship your vehicle in an open trailer as well as enclosed trailers. Both modes of transportation is available for you 

Open trailers are much cheaper than enclosed ones, but they also make your vehicle prone to damage and theft. How much does it cost to ship a vehicle to another country?

In case of open trailers, the cars are basically chained to the trailer to keep it secure. But this can also be detrimental to your vehicle as the chain is tied to the axle of the car imparting a lot of strain to the vehicle.

Also if the chains somehow loosen there is a chance for your car to bang on the walls of the trailer.

Enclosed trailers on the other hand, use wheel nets or nylon straps to prevent any kind of damage to your junk car.

They also have lift gates for cars with lower clearance to protect the cars from getting damaged.

Preparing your car for shipping

Once you have decided on your auto shipment company, it is now time to prepare your car for shipment.

Make sure that there is enough gas in the tank and enough battery power so that you won’t be charged any extra fee for getting your car delivered.

Also take note of the antifreeze level, so that your car can endure the weather or climatic conditions it will pass through, without cracked engine block or any other type of problem.

Transporting the vehicle to the transporter

Now whether you want to drive the vehicle to the transporter or have it picked up for you, has to be discussed with the auto transporter.

The common practice is to arrange a convenient meeting place where you will drive the car and hand it over to the transporter.

Also, if your vehicle is not in running condition you can arrange pickup from your location, but be sure to inform the transporter before you book their services.

Also it is always good to explain any oddities in your car to the transporter, so that they can be cautious while transporting your vehicle.

Reputable companies do not ask for deposits

Whenever a transportation company asks for deposits to transport your vehicle, consider it as a red flag.

Exclusive companies ask for payments when they pick up the car or drop it off, they do not ask for deposit of any kind.

Not having to deposit in a company ensures that you can pull in case you don’t like their services or they don’t make it up to the mark as per your requirements.

Car inspection

Once your vehicle is scheduled for shipping, the trailer driver will inspect your car thoroughly, making notes of all the pre-existing damage or scratches.

Also after transportation your car will be checked for any new damage. If there is a new damage, you can submit your claim to the auto transport company and they will take that into introspection.

Final Words

A car shipping company can ease your load of shipping your vehicle to your new location. Now, that you know how a car shipping company actually works, you can choose a company that meets all of your requirements and get your car safely shipped to your new address.