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How Each Zodiac Sign is Likely to Cheat in a Relationship


Adultery is more common now than ever before. It does not really matter anymore, and more and more people seem to be okay with it. Modern relationships are less solid and people no longer see adultery as a problem. Nevertheless, for many people it is still heartbreaking to find out their spouse is cheating on them. This article is written just for these people. We will talk about all twelve zodiac signs and find out which of them are more likely to cheat in a relationship and which signs are faithful to their partners. If you want to know how to prevent your spouse from cheating on you and make your relationship better, visit spellshelp.com offering a lot of useful content and tips for a stronger and happier relationship.


They do not cheat not because they do not want to but because they consider it wrong and immoral. They strive to a have a relationship built on honesty and dignity. They are like this and expect the same from you. If Aries has cheated on you, it is over. Your relationship will never be the same. If you cheat on Aries, it is over too, because Aries never give second chances.


They are as faithful as under a marriage love spell. Adultery means the end of a relationship for Taurus and they never forgive it regardless of whether it was Taurus or the other partner who cheated. Taurus cannot live with someone they betrayed. But you should remember that if it happens, it is probably your fault. Taurus stays faithful and loyal as long as they get some love and attention from the partner.


They tend to make reckless decisions so they often cheat as soon as such an opportunity presents itself. They never look for a lover on purpose because they are not going to cheat. At the same time, like we said, they never miss an opportunity to cheat. On the bright side, if you are married to Gemini, that love affair that he or she had meant nothing to them.


They are very faithful in general but still might cheat under certain circumstances. Are you wondering what these circumstances are?  Well, Cancer does not consider it to be adultery if they sleep with a prostitute, an ex-lover or an ex-spouse, for they believe there is nothing to worry about here. Given that Cancer is a very jealous sign, we get quite a controversial situation.


They cheat a lot and with ease. As a rule, they are usually forgiven for it. Their partners understand that Leo is too passionate and extraordinary not to cheat, so Leo needs love affairs like air. As a result, eventually, they put up with cheating. Otherwise, Leo just leaves. It is easy for Leo too because they start relationships only with those who can be easily replaced. So Leo recovers after a breakup pretty fast.


They can cheat only in their dreams. They tend to be faithful even to those who do not love them. Honesty, dignity, loyalty, and integrity are their priorities, so Virgo stays faithful even when their relationship is falling apart. Even though this kind of behavior may seem strange to you and make you think about a spell for marriage, you should know that their patience is not infinite and one day you can be cheated on by Virgo too.


They can cheat out of curiosity, just to see what it is like. When they do and realize there is nothing special in it, they stop and never make this mistake again. So perhaps it is okay to let Libra cheat once just to make sure it will not happen again.


They can cheat if cheating will improve their status. Unlike other signs, Scorpio is not romantic. Having a relationship for them is just another opportunity to show they are better than others. If they cheat on you, it means they are no longer interested in you because they have won your heart.


They cheat a lot. However, they do it very carefully so the spouse almost never finds out about it. They are careful not because they do not want to hurt your feelings. They just hate fights, so they do everything they can to avoid them. Another interesting feature is that they always answer all questions. So if you do not want to know the answers, do not ask.


They are fun and eccentric, yet they are loyal. However, they are not completely loyal, unless they are under a marriage spell that can prevent the spouse from cheating. So Capricorn can cheat. If Capricorn cheats on you, do not worry as this love affair probably means nothing to your partner.


Despite the fact that they are very romantic, they can hardly be called loyal. The thing is they fall in love easily. Since love and sex go together for Aquarius, they can cheat on you even if you have been together for many years. A good way to prevent it from happening is to continuously let Aquarius know you love them and have occasional sex marathons to keep them too tired to sleep with anyone else.


They are quite calculating people and can act as if under marriage love spells while at the same time looking for someone better. They prefer to date and marry people with money, so if they have a chance to be with someone making more money than you do, they will try to seduce this rich person and start a relationship after breaking up with you.