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How Hair Extensions Became the Trend of the 21st Century


Most of the people with beautiful hair in Hollywood are wearing some hair extensions to add either length or volume to their natural locks. If you’ve decided to invest in extensions because you like the way they allow you to transform your own hair, there are some things you should know about when it comes to taking the best care of those extensions. There are certain techniques worth trying to keep them in the best condition.

Take the Right Approach to Washing Your Extensions

If you get extensions done at the salon that are supposed to last several weeks or months at a time, you shouldn’t wash your hair for at least two days to give those extensions time to adhere to the rest of your hair. Once you do wash your hair, you should use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioning products because they’re gentler on the hair and will still get rid of the buildup. When you’re using conditioner, you only need to put it on the ends because putting it on the roots could cause your extensions to slip and come out.

If you’re using the clip-in hair extensions, you don’t need to follow the exact same protocol. You should wash those extensions after wearing them up to eight times. Once you’ve washed them, place them on a towel and set them on a table so that they can dry out.

Be Sure to Use a Deep Conditioning Product

Using different types of hot tools on the hair will lead to damage, even if it’s your extensions, so you’ll need to keep hair hydrated and moisturized between styling. Airyhair has a comprehensive amount of information on how to care for extensions.

They suggest it’s a good idea to add deep conditioner to your hair and extensions at least once or twice each month to keep them feeling soft and looking their best. There are a lot of beneficial hair masks available, many of which will quickly add moisture and leave the hair looking a lot better.

Avoid Products Containing Alcohol

It’s possible for extensions to look and feel a bit dry and that is because they’re not attached to the scalp where you’re producing natural oils to keep the natural hair hydrated.

Because you want to avoid drying out those extensions, you should avoid using certain products that contain different types of alcohol. If you’re going to use certain products, such as hairspray, opt for one that contains less alcohol than others to avoid those issues.

Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair

If you’re going to shower at night and give your hair a thorough cleaning, make sure you’re letting it air dry or using a blow dryer to get it dry before you hop into bed. Sleeping with wet hair can often lead to more damage, which is something you’re trying to avoid. If you use clip-in extensions, make sure to remove them before going to bed.

Have the Extensions Removed by the Professionals

After getting permanent extensions, you shouldn’t try to remove them on your own because you could cause even more damage to your own hair. Go back to the salon to have them removed to save the integrity of your natural hair.