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9 Negative Effects Of Unhealthy Lifestyle To Your Health

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Everyone loves the modern lifestyle of the fast-paced world. That tasty fast food, long hours of work, and being consumed on the phone all signify the contemporary lifestyle, but that’s not a healthy one. You must take care before adopting such habits, and here we are telling you how this type of lifestyle can give you negative results to suffer. There are many negative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and technology on your health and consequences and may lead to many psychological and physical issues.

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Let’s see how living a healthy and unhealthy lifestyle can impact your health and what it means to live in 21 century when technology shapes our lives and our future. 

What Is A Healthy Lifestyle And How Does It Affect Our Health?

To live a healthy lifestyle, you need to make useful daily choices related to your daily activity, food and drink, and the people you spend time with. There are some aspects of living like a balanced diet, regular exercise, no smoking, and alcohol consumption that are part of living a healthy lifestyle. 

4 Benefits Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle can have numerous benefits for your mental and physical health. Let’s see how it can affect your life and health: 

1. Living a healthy lifestyle makes you happier and relaxed 

When you are physically active, which is one of the crucial choices you make when you want to live a healthy lifestyle, your brain triggers some brain chemicals that can enhance your mood and calm your mind. This can lead to improved self–confidence and better appearance. 

2. Living a healthy lifestyle can prolong your life 

The main 4 behaviors of living a healthy living style are: 

  • Eating well
  • Not smoking 
  • Exercise regularly 
  • Limit alcohol consumption

According to one study, practicing one or a few of these healthy lifestyle behaviors will prolong your life and lower your risk of getting some serious diseases like cancer. (1

In addition to this, you should always avoid eating saturated fats, sugary foods, processed grains, and food rich in sodium and exercise at least 1 hour and 15 minutes weekly. 

You should try not to sit too long as sitting too long may lead to obesity, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and many cardiovascular diseases.  

3. Living a healthy lifestyle can improve your appearance

Living a healthy lifestyle can help you shed a few pounds, and as a plus, if you limit your alcohol consumption, it will rejuvenate your skin and stop the aging process. Food rich in vitamins and nutrients will also improve the appearance of your skin, hair, and overall glow. 

4. Living a healthy lifestyle boosts your immune system 

Eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients will protect your immune system and help you fight against all germs and viruses. It will also help you to maintain your body weight and boost the number of healthy cells in your body. So, if you think that you do not take enough vitamins or minerals through food, you may consider taking vitamin supplements, but be extra careful as taking megadose may do more harm than good. 

How Do Modern Life And Unhealthy Lifestyle Affect Our Physical And Mental Health?

If you are excessively dependent on modern technological equipment and the newest technologies, it can lead you to serious phycological problems such as depression and increased stress levels, which are one of the main side effects of living an unhealthy lifestyle. 

The level of stress is higher

Actually, the level of stress is much higher among people who constantly check emails and social media compared to people who do not check emails regularly. In addition, they constantly worry about the impact of technology on their physical and mental health, but to a general surprise, they rarely take a break and disconnect from technology. 

You become a constant email checker 

An average person checks the email inbox to see if there are any new emails up to 15 times per day, according to a research conducted by the University of British Colombia, and 15 % of them the first thing they do in the morning is to check the email. (2

Many studies show that this interrupts your work and you cannot concentrate enough and be in control of your productivity. 

Besides email check-ups, there are other social media such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitch, and LinkedIn that you can use for interaction with social groups and constant messaging.

So, you are slightly turning yourself into a constant checker and becoming obsessed with your social accounts. Unfortunately, this raises the stress level and you will soon start to feel disconnected from your family and outer world. 

 The new technology seems to cause problems with new parents who seem to struggle to manage their children’s time passed on the internet and with the new technology devices. Almost half of the families (48%) of American families confirm that they feel detached and isolated from their loved ones due to technology. 

But, many Americans state periodical “digital detox” can help you manage stress more efficiently and improve your mental health. 

If you are concerned about your mental health and need some health advice, you can consult your health provider or take some time off social media and relax. 

Social media are responsible for the Friendship Paradox – you may become less happy

According to a study, social media may lower your level of happiness and feeling of contentment. The conducted study shows that people who are popular on social media are happier than those who are not. This may lead to unfavorable comparisons between friends and may alter the nature of relationships in time and limit human sociality. In addition, social media can relatively weaken the quality of friendships, and they will be maintained without face-to-face interaction. (3

You may be depressed 

In one study, participants, young adults, who spent more time on social media, had significantly increased odds of depression compared with those who didn’t use it. The assessment was made with the help of the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) Depression Scale Short Form. (4)

Another study confirmed that Facebook limitations should be considered because quitting Facebook for some time may lead to a higher level of both cognitive and affective well–being. But, this doesn’t mean that you should quit Facebook permanently, but reduce it, change your type of behavior and use it in a positive way to impact your health positively and make you happy. (5)

Video games and social media can make you less compassionate

Although in our modern societies, we try to link playing video games with aggression and violence, conducted studies showed mixed results and the newest study conducted in 2020 showed that the relationship between the two is insignificant, and it is more linked to desensitization that may make us less sympathetic and compassionate with others. 

In addition, social media make us more “self-centered “and careless about other people’s lives. When you care for someone from a distance, it is regarded as care at all. It will mean so much more for a friend to meet them in a person than a simple message sent via social media. 

Being extremely popular on social media makes you feel less compassionate and you tend to forget that other people are real and suffer and need help from the community. 

That is why we should use social media for sharing positive news only and do not forget to keep and meet our friends because social media cannot replace our relationships. 

Excessive Internet Use Can Be Linked To Increased Heart Rate And Blood Pressure 

Although additional research is needed, one study found that people with problematic internet use (addictive behavior) had increased heart rate and a higher level of blood pressure as well worsened mood and increased anxiety. These changes are similar to those with people who used drugs or opiates, and it deserves additional research. (6

How Effects Of An Unhealthy Lifestyle Can Lead To Aching Your Body?

The human body is meant for physical activities, not only for doing internet browsing and working in an office. There are many irregularities that happen in case of not doing the exercise properly and in being a comfort seeker, especially different types of body pain. Adopting new technology is not wrong by any means, but we should limit it in order to save ourselves from terrible results. What type of pain such a lifestyle can give.

Back pain

Among all other types of strains, this one is becoming a more and more common issue nowadays. The spinal cord or backbone is meant to keep our body straight and give it a posture. But nowadays, every other person is coping with back pain just due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Here an unhealthy lifestyle doesn’t symbolize the food or such habits. This is mainly used for unhealthy sitting positions and using a smartphone. In such cases, people tend to keep themselves a little bend toward the screen. (7)

Bone pain

Such a lifestyle can’t only affect your spinal cord but also other bones and can make them give you pain. This is not enough sometimes, and it can provide even worst results like bending in bones in case you keep your food a lower quality. Quality is only referring to the number of minerals, vitamins, and other ingredients in your diet, not the price or some special dish from any hotel. Along with your way of sitting and using your phone and laptop, also take care of your food. And this kind of bone pain no have any solid treatments, but I can get chiropractic treatment and get 100% guaranteed relief. (8)

Joint pain

Regardless of age, this type of pain became more common than any other kind of body pain. Now not only the aged people but adults and children are suffering from this pain. In some cases, it is just because of this lifestyle, and in other cases, there are several other issues that are resulting in such pain in your body. In most cases, this is the result of lifestyle. 

What Are The Advantages Of A Modern Lifestyle?

Although modern life and technology can have a negative impact on your lifestyle and health, they may also have some positive effects as well, such as you have more freedom and more accessibility to information, which leads to more communication in everyday life. 

So, let’s see how technology and modern life can help you to gain some advantages in your life. 

Social media Facebook is linked to lower mortality 

One big study that included 12 million Facebook users investigated how this social media impacts longevity. It was found that people who accept more friendships live longer, while for those who initiated friendship, there was no association with a lower level of mortality. 

But, mortality is lowest for those who do not use social media at all or use it moderately. (9

Modern technology saves your time 

There are so many examples of how modern technology can save your time and although it seems that you are saving some seconds, you accumulate hours and sometimes even days after a certain period of time that you can use for other activities.

For example, PowerPoint presentations, flowcharts, and calculators help a lot of students and teachers, and many education centers use these types of documents to present information effectively, and this shortens time while giving easy access to all needed information. 

Constant transport development

Technology makes constant improvements in planes, cars, and trains. They are not newly invented but improved with new features that can make them safer and faster. Some expensive models include features like an auto–pilot, pedestrian warning, collision warning, and road lane track which makes them safer in terms of collision and crash avoidance. 

Modern technology gives you so much convenience 

Imagine yourself living 100 years ago when washing machines and dish washes did not exist and you needed so much time to wash your clothes. Imagine the entertainment we have today thanks to the newest technologies such as playing video games and movies in 3D dimensions, television shows, and much more…

Modern technology means better communication 

With the power of videoconferencing, vast distances are eliminated and people from different parts of the world can easily communicate and sometimes even free of charge. 

Modern technology means better access to knowledge

In the 21 century, we have access to more knowledge than in any other period in the history of humanity. The content we can find on the Internet is almost unbelievable and if you are just a little bit curious, you can find anything you like and learn so many things on various subjects and even download new books if you want to read. 

Modern technology means the availability of medicines 

There were many deadly diseases like typhoid and dysentery that are cured easily today thanks to antibiotics. In addition, many serious injuries can be healed thanks to modern surgery, and people can be recovered and live normal lives. 

Modern technology means clean water and food 

In Antient times, access to clean water was limited, and people consumed alcohol as it was considered safer and healthier. Also, access to some food was limited because there were no refrigerators, so this invention altered our lives in the most tasteful way, improved the nourishment of poor people, and less food waste. 

Modern technology means air quality monitoring 

Air pollution is one of the hazardous consequences of industrial development and can cause serious health issues. Air quality monitoring technologies are crucial resources for improving the air quality and changing our habits, and reforming the policies to make our lives more convenient and healthy. 


You must take care of your habits because it’s your habit that can make you or can destroy you in every term, whether it comes to having sound health or a better career, or achieving success in any area. Always use your smartphone and social media for a limited period. Keep your position straight while working on the computer or if your work makes you sit for hours in a day. Make exercise your priority, whether it rain or shine, as it is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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One final thought is that you should always find time for some physical activity, limit or avoid alcohol and tobacco consumption, eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep and maintain a healthy body weight.