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How Narcissistic Groups Abuse Their Chosen Targets From Smear Campaigns And Black Sheep To Scapegoating


When someone mentions the word narcissist, the first thought that pops into your head is most probably of someone who is conceited, arrogant, and inconsiderate. Or it may also be of the narcissist’s victim.

But, has it ever occurred to you that there are cases in which a whole group of narcissistic individuals is working to take advantage of and undermine their chosen victim?

When the narcissistic group’s participants decide to plot against their victim, they make sure the target, i.e. the recipient of their manipulation techniques and devious mind games, is silenced. They make sure their chosen target is not able to complain about them to their family and friends and get any help or support from them.

Narcissistic groups can be found everywhere around you: in your family circles, your friendship circles, your workplace  – in any place where there’s a possibility for verbal, emotional, and even physical abuse.

Narcissistic individuals use all kinds of manipulation tactics to undermine and take advantage of their chosen target. They don’t care whether their actions may cause great emotional damage to their victim and ruin their self-esteem. As long as the narcissist’s needs and demands are satisfied, nothing else matters.

Having been a victim of narcissistic abuse myself, and still being surrounded by narcissists, it seems that these people’s most favorite manipulation techniques are scapegoating, black sheep, and smear campaigns.

Scapegoating is a form of psychological abuse which narcissistic groups use to shift responsibility onto someone else. While any normal, mature, responsible individual would have no problem admitting their mistakes and taking personal responsibility for their actions, narcissists can’t allow their ego and reputation to be tarnished by a mistake.

So, to lay the blame at the chosen victim’s door more easily, the narcissistic group does everything in their power to detect the victim’s vulnerable sides and insecurities. Because once they succeed in this, it’ll be easier for them to ensure that the victim won’t have the power to complain or do something against them.

In all narcissistic groups, the scapegoat is usually considered as the “black sheep” in the family. This “black sheep” is verbally and emotionally abused, taunted, and blamed unjustly for the mistakes and wrongdoings of the narcissists.

So, the question is: How do narcissistic groups choose the scapegoat?

The interesting thing is that narcissistic groups don’t target individuals that are weak or incompetent. Instead, they choose people that are threatening to them in some way. Maybe it’s the chosen victim’s intelligence, independence, physical appearance, determination, ambition, high social status, and the list goes on, which arouses envy in the narcissists.

To make the chosen victim feel like they’re a part of the group, the narcissists idealize, praise, and shower them with grandiose stories and promises. They also make sure the victim knows the rules of the game. And the most important rule is that they have to keep quiet about everything which happens inside the group.

If the victim doesn’t behave the way they’re supposed to, i.e. they oppose the group in some way, they’ll be humiliated in front of the group members, belittled, stonewalled, and, of course, excluded.

Furthermore, the narcissistic group may even have a smear campaign against the victim related to their character, stability, as well as the ability to be a member of the group.

If you’re a victim of black sheep, scapegoating, or smear campaigns, know that you were chosen since you have the abilities, qualities, and talents that the narcissistic group lacks. You were chosen since you possess the power that the narcissistic group lacks and wants to take away from you.

How Narcissistic Groups Abuse Their Chosen Targets From Smear Campaigns And Black Sheep To Scapegoating