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How Technology is Changing Influencer Marketing


Marketing has been always there. Companies use different marketing techniques to urge their customers to buy their products or use the service. These techniques are known to all people. Actually, customers can now know the difference between various marketing methods. Moreover, they may prefer one method more than others as they see it as more advantageous.

Take online casinos as an example. The free spiny bez depozytu or no deposit bonus is the best one for most gamblers. It allows them to try the website for free. Today, many companies rely on a newly emerging marketing method known as influencer marketing. This is simply by asking a person with a huge fan base on social media to market their product or service.  

The technique is very common these days for obvious reasons. Everyone now uses social media. Also, word of mouth was always the best way to convince someone to buy something. How if this word of mouth comes from a trustworthy person?

Role of Technology in Influencer Marketing

Technology can affect the way companies choose the influencers and also how those influencers do the marketing.

Data and Analytics

Using big data and data analysis, companies can make better decisions choosing an influencer. Now, it is not about inserting any celebrity in an ad, and the audience will relate. Instead, it became more niche-based. This means the audience believes the ad better if the influencer is related to the industry. 

Also, companies use data analysis techniques to analyse the influencer’s whole profile. They can know his interests from previous activities on his accounts. Moreover, they can know all about his followers and whether they match the audience personas, they want to reach or not.

Social Media Techniques

Social media is upgrading itself every now and then. Each social media platform has a set of techniques to help people reach each other more than before. Facebook, for example, has the live option, which allows influencers to show how a certain product works. This increases the credibility and drives the audience to believe in the product or service.

Also, Instagram has the same live option in addition to reels. They are pretty cool for fashion influencers who want to show how a fashion piece in different outfits. Further, there are other social media applications that recently came into the scene. Tiktok, clubhouse and others are now great marketing tools influencers can use.

VR Technology

When we talk about VR technologies, we are talking about something that can completely change how things work. VR technologies will enable influencers to create marketing content from anywhere. The audience will then be able to immerse in the experience from the comfort of their homes.

Companies don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive events to host the influencer. They just need a 360-degree camera and VR technology to create a big event. The audience can then join and see everything as if they are already present in the event.