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How to Achieve Lumbar Support at Home


The lumbar region of your back is responsible for a lot of lower back pain and discomfort. This part of the back is more commonly called the lower back, and it includes five vertebrae, which are labeled L1 through L5. In other words, your lumbar region will be below your chest but above your sacrum.

Just about everyone will experience pain in this part of their back at one point in their life. Though it often gets better on its own, a pained lumbar region can disrupt your life a lot. Luckily, there are some things you can do at home to help prevent lumbar pain.

What Causes Lumbar Pain?

There can be many reasons for lumbar pain. Some reasons do not cause much worry, such as sleeping in an uncomfortable position, but others can be incredibly serious and damaging to your life. Age, lack of exercise, excess weight, abnormal compression, and improper lifting are all common reasons for lumbar pain.

Another frequent cause for lumbar pain is sitting. Our lumbar region is supposed to have a natural curve. If we do not stand or sit correctly, this curve can be accentuated or compressed. As a result, our lower back starts to hurt. This is a common culprit for lumbar pain, especially in the modern era.

Achieve Lumbar Support at Home

Given that much of our time at home is spent sitting, one of the best ways to treat lumbar pain at home is to change how you sit and stand.

1.       Purchase a Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow

The best way to get lumbar support at home is to purchase a memory foam lumbar support pillow. These supports will force your lumbar region to have the appropriate curve. As a result, pain is alleviated since that portion of your back is not awkwardly positioned or compressed.

Memory foam is by far the best material to choose. It is long lasting, and it conforms to your body. This ensures that the pillow support actually and correctly supports your body’s natural curve, which is slightly different from person to person. 

Purchasing a memory foam lumbar support is a great option for those who work desk jobs or who are guaranteed to be sitting long hours of the day.

2.       Use a Towel

If you don’t sit that much but still want to support your lumbar region, use a towel instead. This option is very affordable, and you should have all the needed parts at your home already. Simply roll up a towel and place it around your lower back region. Then, sit as you normally would.

This option is great if you don’t plan to sit a lot, but you will want to upgrade to a specially designed lumbar support pillow if you intend to sit for long periods of time. Doing so will save you from needing to readjust the towel.

3.       Stretch and Move

No matter which option you use, make sure to incorporate stretching and movement into your day as well. Our bodies are not designed to be in the sitting position for many hours at one time. For optimal health, change your position at least every 30 minutes.

Better yet, stand up and move a little bit. This will ensure that your lumbar region goes back to its normal shape, alleviating pressure and any discomfort.


Pain in your lumbar region can disrupt your life and even cause you to miss work. To prevent this from happening, support your lumbar region at home by either investing in a specially made memory foam lumbar support pillow or by using a towel. Also, incorporate movement into your day to decrease pressure and maximize your health. Though these tips are simple, they are highly effective