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How To Attract A Woman: 8 Scientifically Proven Tips


A woman is a deep ocean full of secrets. Are you lost swimming there? Of course, you are. You are too simple to understand this mysterious gentle creature.

Do you know how to attract a woman? Are you aware of what women want in men? Don’t just stare at my writing and nod with your head! Roll up your sleeves and take the job in your own hands! Show everyone that you can win her heart!

Are you ready? Rely on these 8 scientifically proven tips on how to attract a woman. Science rocks!


Of course, you need to take care of yourself, to be clean, fresh, and use a perfume. But, you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt to charm a woman (even though most of us fall for him).

Also, you don’t have to sweat in the gym daily and build huge muscles, pluck your eyebrows and use tons of beauty creams to impress her! A woman is the one who’s supposed to look nice. You, be a manly man. You don’t have to compete with her.

A study says that women choose good-looking men mostly for adventures and fun.


This is something most women fall for. It just makes us skip our heartbeat. Men with beard look hot! No doubt about it.

According to a study, women see men with a beard as long-term partners. Women are completely crazy for a heavy stubble because it makes a man look confident, strong, adventurous, mature, serious.

So, if you want to make a good first impression, no more shaving for you, my friend! At least for some time.


Forget about all those stories that you should wait for a woman to make the first move! Who said that?

In the past, men fought and lost their kingdoms for women and you still wait? Go on, make the first move! Show your confidence, approach her directly! Show you are a real man who knows what he wants and does everything to get it!

Don’t be a clingy boy who waits in a line to get his favorite toy. Maybe, the boy in front of you will get it even before you. You don’t want to stay with empty hands, do you?


Don’t get tired of women who don’t appreciate your good manners because there are women who still want it. Badly. Many women will give anything to get that attention:

A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Be polite; “please”, “thank you”, and “sorry” are magical words. Pull her chair out, hold the door for her, offer a coat.

Be an old-fashioned altruistic man with a friendly smile. Be a real gentleman. Nice men don’t finish last. They just don’t. Period.


Sometimes. It’s risky but makes you more adventurous and wild in her eyes. Some women fall for unavailable men; they want to taste a little bit of that mystery.

It’s simple: if it’s hard to get, people put much more effort on it. Therefore, their interest grows.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it. I know, man, love can be as simple as complicated.


Play some extreme sports, train karate, parkour, ride a motorbike, save someone’s life, hunt for food, play with fire. Be a real caveman, adventurous, fearful.

Some women want to face a danger, to take risks and enjoy unpredictable, dangerous life situations.

With you. Be her hero. Take some risks and lead her to the beauty and excitement of the unknown.


Is there any woman out there who don’t like Jim Carey’s jokes? Eddie Murphy-anyone? I thought so.

The more you make the effort to be funny- the more chances you get to spend more time with her.

Maybe it sounds like a cliché, but women are attracted to people who tickle their funny bone. Crack a joke and she will found you irresistible.


According to a study, “women are more sensitive to touch than men”. Imagine what a simple touch on her shoulder can do!

Build that electricity. Release that love hormone spark by touching her. Create a real connection.

Be careful with your approach though as some women don’t feel comfortable and may see you as a maniac.

Just be who you are, and you will attract the real one for you.

Good luck, pal.