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How to Balance Mental & Physical Wellbeing in Times of Stress


2020 was a fairly disastrous year to say the least, but one thing we have gained from the unique obstacles we’ve been presented with is the understanding that for a moment, we were truly all in the same boat. Or at least in the same ocean. 

We all know now how easy it can be to lose yourself in times of great stress and uncertainty. Of course, we’ve all experienced our own varying levels of stress. We all have our own limits, and we have methods that may work for ourselves, personally. You owe it to yourself to find and finetune your personal wellness methods too. 

To give you a little headstart with this personal process, I’ve decided to put together a small step-by-step guide on how you can effortlessly learn to balance your mental and physical wellbeing on your own terms.

Step 1: Prioritise Your Healthcare Appointments

Healthcare appointments are the most foundational element of self-care. It’s all about ensuring that your mind and body are well-equipped for maintaining their respective health and vigour. Be sure to attend all your regular physicals, dentist appointments, therapy sessions, chiropractic appointments, and any other appointments with specialists that are a part of your personal healthcare routine. 

Keep in mind that prioritising these appointments will ensure that your healthcare essentials are taken care of, even if you may feel otherwise. Take confidence from the fact that you’re allowing yourself to secure the practical support and framework for self-care that’s being offered to you by your healthcare professionals, and use this confidence to aid you in the subsequent steps of your wellness journey.

Step 2: Cut Out The Junk

Whether this means junk food, smoking, drinking, or any other particular bad habits, it’s definitely worthwhile taking some time to identify the things in your life that you could do without. A good place to start is simply by taking stock of your eating habits, and assessing how you can eat more wholefoods. Those of you who are largely on the go can greatly benefit from taking a few minutes every evening to prep a breakfast smoothie that’ll be sure to carry you through the busy day that lies ahead. And if you’re finding that you do have the time to cook but are lacking the energy, even making an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables on their own can go a long way! What we put in our bodies dictates a fair bit when it comes to how we feel. 

This system doesn’t just work for junk foods either. You can use this same ‘baby steps’ approach for any other nasties that you’re looking to cut out. Just be sure to practice some goal-setting to ensure that you provide your journey to clean living with a realistic and practical framework.

Step 3: Develop A Physical Wellness Routine

Now that you’ve consulted with your specialists and transformed your eating habits, it’s finally time to build further and start developing your own routine for supporting and maintaining your physical wellness. Exercising on a regular basis isn’t just great for your body, however. It can also work wonders on your mental health and wellbeing too! Your emotional health and wellbeing can truly thrive when following a wellness routine, and the release of happy hormones through exercise can thoroughly aid you in your ongoing journey. 

Think about the kinds of physical activity you’d like to be doing, and assess the barriers that are currently standing between you and building those healthy habits. The bulk of these barriers are likely to be largely overcome. For instance, social or environmental barriers can be overcome by choosing activities that can be completed within the comfort of your own home. Financial barriers can be largely mitigated by following online classes such as free yoga flows and pilates workshops. Even setting aside two or three times a week to go jogging round the block can be a superb addition to your self-care routine. 

At the heart of it, balancing your mental and physical wellbeing in times of great stress is really all about allowing yourself enough room to rediscover structure in chaos. By allowing yourself to build and maintain healthy habits, you’re demonstrating a dedication to your self-care needs that will surely see you thrive in next to no time at all!