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How To Be Open-Minded When Other People View The World Through A Different Lens

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There’s only one thing which we carry with us wherever we go every day. One thing which no one can take from us. That thing is our perception.

Each of us has a different viewpoint. Each of us views the world through a different lens. Why? Since there aren’t two individuals whose lives have been the same. There aren’t two individuals who have experienced exactly the same problems and pains.

The culture we grew up, the way our parents raised us, the types of movies, music, and books which we’ve been exposed to, and the relationships we have with our parents as well as siblings, relatives, and friends all play an essential role in forming our perception.

Your world view affects the way you understand things. That’s exactly the reason why two people can watch the same movie or read the same book and have different interpretations of it: We tend to focus our attention on information which confirms what we already consider to be true, and we ignore the rest of what we see.

That’s the reason why you always have to keep in mind that your opinion is your opinion and your interpretation of a problem or any situation is your interpretation and you should never confuse them with ‘truth’ or ‘facts.’

But, the question is: If we know that everyone interprets the world differently and if each of us could mean something different when we say, “let’s go out to dinner tonight” or “I like you,” then how can we understand each other? The answer: We must always be open-minded.

What does open-mindedness mean?

Being open-minded means that you understand that we all view the world around us differently. It means you understand that when you listen to or read something, you’re trying to understand the information through your own, unique world view.

Being open-minded means being patient when other people misunderstand you and being aware of the fact that you are misunderstanding other people too.

Being open-minded means being willing to see the world around you through others’ eyes.

Being open-minded means respecting other people’s opinions, no matter how different they are from your own.

Being open-minded means understanding that other people’s ideas and opinions are colored by their life experiences and past.

Being open-minded means asking yourself questions, such as:

-What is the person speaking to me actually trying to tell me?

-What exactly in my past is causing me to feel suspicious, stressed out, or worried?

-What do I already consider to be true regarding this situation, this event, this person, this company, this political party, etc.?

Being open-minded means approaching every choice, decision, and problem in your life with the belief that you may be wrong.

Being open-minded means being willing to see disagreement as an opportunity to better yourself.

Being open-minded means being humble and willing to accept that we all have a different viewpoint.

How To Be Open-Minded When Other People View The World Through A Different Lens