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How to Become Resistant to Comments on the Web?


Have you ever asked yourself if everything you are serious about in your life should be really taken seriously? For example, when your favourite football team wins or loses a match. Should you take it seriously? Also, if you gamble online, should you become serious about it? We know gambling can make you lose a lot of money but take a game like gry 77777 za darmo, it can be a free game. So, should you really become serious about it?

Now, we are not saying you have to minify everything in your life. However, there certain things that shouldn’t weigh that much. The comments of other people on the internet are an example of these things. What we mean by comments on the web is strangers’ comments. These may be positive or negative and can affect your mood. They either boost your self-esteem or make you feel insecure.

The problem here is when the internet comments affect you negatively. When you take these comments seriously and start thinking about them in a bad way, when this happens, you may feel bad about yourself or show negative emotions. This is something you certainly don’t want. So, what can we do about that?

Change your Perspective

When people comment on something you wrote, shared or posted, they are commenting on that post, not yourself. Their opinions are about your work, views and ideas, not about yourself. Thus, you should really realise that this doesn’t affect who you are.

Don’t always think of internet comments as valid criticism that you should consider, although at some point they might be. Instead, read them if you want and pick what is relevant and applicable to improve yourself. Remember that the internet is full of people who comment because they are there, not because they see something in your posts.

Don’t Comment on Everything

When you leave a comment on any material on the internet, it is likely you will get a reply. This will trigger a conversation if your opinion is somewhat odd than the others. So, it is always advisable not to impose yourself into useless conversations on the internet. A useful technique here is to set a timer for the time you spend on the internet. After that time, get off your laptop or mobile and do anything else. So, this way, you enforce yourself to have real conversations and limit your time on the web.

Choose your Online Environment

The internet is an endless space with all types of people on it. This area doesn’t have rules, and you cannot regulate your or anyone’s else presence. Never think you can change other people’s minds even if you are 100% sure they are wrong. Hence, you should always consider the places you visit on the internet. Try to pick places where you can meet similar people. Not necessarily with the same opinions but at least who don’t take it seriously as you. In brief, it is all about how you think of the comments on the web. By changing your way of thinking, you can become resistant to these comments.