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How to Buy a Vape Battery for Oil Cartridges

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Does it sometimes feel as though novel cannabinoids like Delta-8 and Delta-10 have taken over the entire vaping market? When you visit any local or online vape shop, it’s as if the little pre-filled oil cartridges have consumed all of the shelf space. If you have any interest in cannabis products at all, you’ve almost certainly been tempted to give them a try.

If you want to have the best possible experience with oil cartridges, though, you can’t just buy a cartridge and connect it to whatever vaping device you may have. That’s because cannabis distillates are markedly different from traditional e-liquids. They’re much thicker, which means that they flow very slowly through a cartridge’s wick. The more important difference between oils and e-liquids, though, is that oils burn easily at higher temperatures. If you connect a Delta-8 vape cartridge to a powerful sub-ohm vape mod, it’ll taste horrible – and some of the Delta-8 content will almost certainly burn away before it reaches your lungs.

Naturally, we want to prevent those things from happening – and to do that, you need to figure out how to find the right oil cartridge vape batteries for the job. In this article, we’re going to help you do exactly that. Here’s how to buy a vape battery for oil cartridges.

Choose the Shape and Size

The first thing you’ll notice when you begin shopping for 510 vape batteries is that they come in an enormous variety of shapes and sizes. At the bottom end of the size range, you’ve got tiny pen-shaped batteries that look a little like slightly oversized cigarettes – and at the top end, you’ve got larger box-shaped batteries that look a little like the sub-ohm box mods that nicotine vapers use, although they’re typically a little smaller than true box mods. How can you tell what size range is right for you? Here are some pointers that can help you choose.

  • Smaller vape batteries are obviously more portable than larger ones, which might be important to you if you want a vape pen that you can carry comfortably in your pocket all day. Small vaping devices tend not to have the greatest battery life, but that may not be much of a concern for you. After all, vape cartridges are often so potent that you may only end up using your device a few times a day.
  • Larger vape batteries may not be quite as comfortable to carry in your pocket, but a larger device can hold a higher-capacity battery cell, which might be important to you if you’re a frequent vaper. In addition, a larger vape battery is more likely to have some of the advanced features that we’ll discuss later in this article. Advanced features can greatly enhance your vaping experience; having access to those features might be worth the sacrifice in portability.

It’s also worth mentioning that many larger vape batteries for oil cartridges have hidden or retractable threading that allows you to store most of the cartridge inside the body of the device. Hidden threading has the effect of making the device feel much smaller in your pocket, but you may occasionally encounter a vape cartridge that’s a little too wide to fit into this type of device.

Choose the Firing Style

Once you have a better idea of the size and shape that you’d like your vape battery to have, you’ll need to choose your desired firing style. There are two firing styles that a vaping device can use: automatic and manual. Although a few devices support both firing styles, most only support one or the other. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of automatic and manual firing.

  • Automatic firing means that the device has an airflow sensor and fires automatically when you puff on it. Many people enjoy vape batteries with automatic firing because using one feels like smoking. You puff on the device, and it creates vapor – a cigarette works in essentially the same way. Compared to manual firing, though, automatic firing tends to produce smaller and less flavorful clouds. That’s because, when you puff, there’s always a short delay before the device begins to generate vapor.
  • Manual firing means that the device has a fire button, and you need to hold the button in order to vape. Holding a fire button when using your device will mean that vaping won’t feel as similar to smoking as it could. Some people also find it a bit uncomfortable to hold a button while vaping. The benefit of using a device with manual firing, though, means that you can press the button before you start inhaling. Since there’s no delay, the vapor clouds will be bigger and more potent.

Choose Simplicity or Advanced Features

Before you can choose the vape battery that’s right for you, you’ll need to make one final decision: You’ll need to decide whether you want a simple device or one that has advanced features. A simpler device is a more user-friendly option if you’re new to vaping or don’t enjoy using complicated gadgets. Advanced features, however, can really enhance your experience. Here are some of the features that you might find in a high-end vape battery.

  • A vape battery with adjustable power lets you choose between different voltage levels. This can allow you to have a more intense and flavorful experience with certain vape cartridges. It also gives you the ability to lower the power to avoid getting a burnt flavor with a cartridge that can’t handle higher power levels.
  • A vape battery with an automatic preheating function is a great thing to have if you want to try wax vaping. When you use a wax coil, you can’t take a deep puff until the wax has melted and absorbed into the coil. If your battery has a preheating function, it’ll melt the wax for you.
  • A vape battery with a built-in bubbler allows the vapor to pass through a vial of water before you inhale it, cooling the vapor and improving its smoothness. It’s a bit like having a portable bong, and it’s a great thing to have if you dislike harshness or are prone to coughing when you use an oil cartridge.