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How to Care For Your Skin Before And After a Bikini Wax


Bikini waxes are downright terrifying. Yes, they leave your skin soft and smooth but that doesn’t change the fact that hurt a lot. The good news is that it’s possible to minimize the pain and discomfort associated with bikini waxing and make the results last much longer. So if you want to learn some pro tips and tricks on how to prepare and take care of your skin for a seamless waxing experience, keep on reading.

Before The Wax

A lot can be predicted about your upcoming waxing experience by the time and efforts you invest in preparing for it. Here’s what you can do to ensure that your future biking waxing sessions are as comfortable and smoother as ever.

Go Pro

The first and perhaps the best thing you can do is to ensure that you’re booking a professional bikini waxing service. Doing it yourself at home is, of course, an option, but nobody can wax better than experienced professionals who have been trained about the right techniques of applying and pulling the wax in the correct direction to remove hair more efficiently. You can also seek referrals from friends or family to find the best bikini waxing services in Johns Creek or your area.

Avoid Waxing When on or Near Periods

Your skin is the most sensitive towards the start and end of your menstrual cycle, or in other words, near and during your period. During this time, waxing is generally more painful than it would normally be so avoid going for a bikini wax at this time of the month. Also, some salons don’t offer biking wax services if you’re on periods so it’s better to check that beforehand.

Exfoliate The Waxing Area

Lightly exfoliate the waxing area at least 24 to 48 hours before your appointment to remove dead skin and prepare it for waxing. Gentle exfoliation the bikini line area once a week will also allow the skin the remain soft and smooth between waxing sessions and prevent the development of ingrown hair post-waxing.

Keep The Skin Clean

Taking a shower on the day of your waxing sessions opens up the hair follicle, allowing for easier hair removal. Moreover, make sure not to layer the skin with any additional product like lotion, oil, deodorant or powders. They prevent the wax from sticking properly to the hair, hindering the waxing process and making it more painful.

Make Sure The Hair Are of the Right Length

The perfect length for hair to be waxed properly is between 1/8 to 1/4 inch. This ensures that the wax adheres to each hair properly and pulls them out from the root without breaking. If the hair is too short, they might not come out entirely and grow back soon. Likewise, longer hair is more painful to remove with wax so trim them to an appropriate length before your waxing appointment. 

Take a Pain Reliever

If you find the waxing process extremely painful, you can take a suitable painkiller like paracetamol 30 minutes before the appointment to reduce the discomfort. Numbing creams are also an option but they’re not recommended since the wax can’t adhere well to the hair.

After The Wax

After you’re done with bikini waxing, you may experience some redness which is nothing to worry about and will naturally go away in the next 24 hours. However, keep in mind that the skin is highly sensitive so you may want to engross in some aftercare activities to prevent skin irritation and enjoy long-lasting results. Here are some of the things that you should do:

Use Skin Soothing Agents

It’s normal to notice redness and small bumps on your skin for a day or so after the appointment due to inflamed follicles. To sooth away the skin and reduce irritation, you can apply soothing lotion or Aloe Vera gel on the waxed skin. This will also prevent ingrown hair from appearing on the bikini line.

Avoid Exfoliation

Exfoliation is only recommended before the wax, not after it. This is because wax itself exfoliates the skin and doing so again with a physical scrub may irritate the skin even more and result in the appearance of tiny bumps.

Don’t Step Into The Shower or Pool

It’s recommended to avoid showering, swimming or being submerged in water for at least 48 hours after biking waxing. This is because after waxing, your skin is more susceptible to catch bacteria and infections from the surroundings which may add up to post-waxing discomfort that you want to avoid in the first place.

Avoid Sexual Activity

Skip having sex for 24 to 48 hours after a bikini wax. You already know that waxing makes the skin sensitive and delicate and unnecessary friction from sex can further irritate the skin.

Wear Loose Clothing

The minerals in sweat can actually irritate waxed skin and make it more susceptible to infections. So avoid getting sweaty by wearing loose clothes that let air pass through them easily. Moreover, tight clothing doesn’t really allow the skin to breathe and can actually increase friction which is something you don’t want for your freshly-waxed skin.

Moreover, don’t forget to exfoliate your skin 3 t 10 days after you’ve had your bikini wax. This will reduce the chances of ingrown hair and make your next waxing appointment less painful.