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How to Choose an Addiction Treatment Center for Women


As a woman, there are several things you may want to consider before choosing a rehab facility. Remember drug addiction affects males and females in different ways, that’s you’ll find numerous women-only addiction treatment centers.

If you want the support of other women, consider a treatment program that’s exclusively designed for women rather than a rehab program which is open to both genders. These programs are usually on both inpatients as well as on an outpatient basis. Typically, inpatient treatment services are available 24/7 in residential rehab facilities. And they’re best suited for those who’ve severe addictions and require intensive treatment in a serene, safe, and supportive environment.

On the other hand, outpatient treatment is offered on a part-time basis and might work better for women who need to execute their daily activities while undergoing treatment. Each drug rehab treatment program is unique and provides different treatment approaches, services, as well as amenities. 

Here are important things to look for in rehabilitation centers for women.

A Treatment Plan That Addresses the “Whole” Individual

A comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the whole person works effectively for any woman who is battling addiction. This type of treatment program tackles the physical, psychological, spiritual, as well as social components of addiction.

Women-focused treatment facilities usually offer therapies focused on addressing emotional and sexual traumas which may have contributed to the addiction. Besides, they deal with any eating disorders, self-esteem issues, family problems, and body image issues.

Supportive Therapy

Since most women tend to define themselves in terms of their relationships plus connections with others, having a supportive, nurturing, as well as an empathetic therapist is a must.

Sharing ideas with other women who’re struggling with similar addictions is also another important aspect of the recovery process. According to clinical research, women battling with addictions benefit heavily from supportive therapies.

Drug Treatment during Pregnancy

Pregnant women who’re struggling with a drug addiction should choose a treatment program that addresses the unique challenges they’re facing. Pregnancy can make the treatment quite complex and can lead to premature pregnancy termination.

Drug rehab treatment centers must support expectant women by taking their nutritional concerns into consideration and addressing their fetal health whilst openly discussing their condition. They should also offer medically-assisted detox as well as stabilization when needed.

On-Site Childcare Services

On-site childcare services are extremely important for those who’ve children. Research has shown that women whose children accompanied them to the rehab were more likely to complete their drug rehab treatment program. For those receiving minimal family support, on-site childcare might be a great option during their rehabilitation.

Certain women-focused drug rehab treatment centers provide specialized counseling services for mothers to address common parenting problems involved with addiction. These services can really prove invaluable to you and your child.

The Bottom Line

As a woman who’s struggling with drug addiction, it’s advisable to find an effective way to treat your condition. There are numerous rehab centers out there that can help treat your addiction. However, it’s always important to pick a drug rehab treatment program that offers supportive therapy, addresses all your needs, and provides on-site childcare services.