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How to choose the right mattress: the steps to follow


How to choose the right mattress? It is not a simple operation but it is an excellent sign that you are wondering why it is a very important operation. Whether you are students, employees or freelancers, the importance of resting well remains unchanged.

If you have a bad sleep, the body does not restore itself and, if it does not restore itself, does not make it in daytime life. There are experiments to demonstrate this and even art has gone so far as to declare it openly with films like “The man without sleep” (whose protagonist is Christian Bale) in which he shows what happens in an individual when he renounces bed for too long.

Having comfortable mattresses is the basis for deep sleep but on the market there are many models and each of us has its own characteristics that can put us all in front of important crossroads. You are advised to visit several sites that are able to compare the specifications of various mattress products such as Rest Right Mattress.

How to choose the right mattress?

There are rules, advice, tips and subjective considerations but first of all, among the characteristics of a good mattress, there is the fact that it must support your body in a neutral position, the one in which the vertebral column assumes a natural curvature and the parts of the body on which the greatest pressure is burdened are supported in a correct alignment. Make sure the mattress is not too stiff otherwise it would add stress over the pressure points, leading your body to an incorrect position. On the contrary, if it’s too soft, the pressure points of your body would not receive the most adequate support. The solution is an ergonomic mattress.

The second question

The second question to analyze is to understand your state of health. If you suffer from low back pain, in fact, you will need to have a stiffer mattress. We do not say so but a research conducted in Russia studied people who had suffered from years of back pain and the research has discovered that, on a scale that rated from 1 to 10 the rigidity of the mattress, the people who slept on a medium stiff (5.6 on the scale) in the morning they felt less pain than those who slept on a softer product.

How do you know if the bed you are sleeping on has to be changed?

There is an unequivocal signal. If you wake up in the morning with a bit of backache that goes in about half an hour, it means that it is time to put your wallet in hand. You should use your feeling. If you feel pressure, however, it does not work. If you can’t quickly convince yourself, you might consider our advice. Use an adjustable bed and based on our experience, Reverie 9T adjustable bed is one of the best.

This is why this brief overview of the tips to choose good mattresses concludes with the importance of doing a test in the shop. Experts suggest trying the mattress in the shop, in fact, lying on each product in the position where you usually sleep. You should be there at least 10 or 15 minutes on the bed, though, or the test will not be true.

Not only that: do not forget to bring your pillow! The more you can recreate the way you really sleep at home, the higher your chances of choosing the right mattress will be.