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How to Convert M4V to MP4 Online Free?


M4V file format is hard to watch your Android phones, Windows PC, PSP, Xbox or edit the M4V video in iMovie, and Final Cut Pro. The M4V format is used to store movies, TV series, and music videos in the iTunes Store. It can only be compatible with iTunes and QuickTime. You can simply convert M4V to MP4 with the video converters and MP4 is the most popular video format supported by many players, video editing tools and game devices. Turn M4V to MP4 will enable you to get the most out of your M4V files Wondershare Uniconverter. There are following convert M4V to MP4:

  1. Online Media.io Converter:

The most popular M4V to MP4 converter online is official web page https://www.media.io/. This free and simple online tool allows adding M4V files and converting to a variety of audio and video formats. You can be added for Maximum of 2 files conversion at a time. There is no need for any download or installation as the tool works directly from your Windows or Mac system. You can download your converted M4V files directly or save to Dropbox easily.

Steps to convert M4V to MP4 online free: 

Step 1:  Firstly, you are open online unit converter from your browser. Then click on the Drag & Drop or Hit to Add File button to browse and import M4V videos from your system.

Step 2: After the Convert, all files to tab choose MP4 from the Video list.

Step 3: Finally, you click the convert button to start the online M4V to the MP4 conversion process. You can see the download button after the conversion.

  1. Convert files:

This is one of the top-rated online conversion tools and it supports an array of formats including M4V to MP4. The program has a simple interface to make it simple to use for non-technical users as well. You can either add the file from your PC or can download it online at the interface directly. The converted file can be downloaded or can also be requested to send on your email id for safe maintaining. Maximum of 250MB files can be added to the program for conversion.

Steps to convert M4V to MP4 online:

Step 1:  Firstly, you are open to convert files on your PC browser. Then, you click browse to add the local M4V file from your PC. You can also give an online link for downloading the same.

Step 2: Next, you can choose MP4 under the Output format tab.

Step 3: Finally, you check the box for sending the downloaded file on email if desired. Then, you click the Convert button to start the conversion process.

  1. Cloud Convert:

This is one of the feature-packed tools to convert M4V to MP4 online free. Over 200 formats are supported by the program for conversion. There is support for editing the audio and video codecs, video aspect ratio, resolution, and other parameters. The conversion speed is good with decent quality output files. Files for conversion can be added from PC, URL, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Steps to convert M4V to MP4 online:

Step 1:  First, you install cloud convert on your PC browser. Then click select files to import M4V videos to be converted.

Step 2: Next, you click the edit icon for making any changes to the video parameters if wanted.

Step 3: Finally, if needed, you can save the converted file to cloud storage. Then you click the start conversion button and after to begin with the M4V to the MP4 conversion process.

  1. Limitations to use M4V to MP4 online tools:

Online M4V to MP4 converter is pocket-friendly and easy-to-use, but these programs have a number of limitations and cannot compete with the quality and features offered by the professional conversion tools.

  • Only convert non-DRM protected iTunes M4V files.
  • Online tools have a limitation to the maximum file size that can be added for conversion at a time.
  • Without additional features and functions like editing, batch conversion, and others.
  • The quality of output files using online conversion is quite basic.
  • Online tools are completely dependent on the internet connection for their working and conversion speed.