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How to Ease into Apartment Living in New York City – The Best Tips and Advice for Newbies


For many people, living in an apartment is a way of life. It’s something they have always done and don’t even think twice about the lifestyle. For others, apartments can seem mysterious, and even a bit scary. Perhaps they are used to living in a detached home or even a semi where they were used to having their own rather large indoor and outdoor space without being connected to others.

Now take all those uncertainties and questions about apartment living and apply it to a big city like New York, where apartments are a large majority of the accommodation available. Being the largest city in the country, you can bet the real estate market is not only huge but also competitive. And the majority of those who live in the city are in fact paying rent on an apartment instead of owning their own house.

So, how does a newcomer to the city adjust to apartment living when they’ve never experienced it before? These tips are meant to help you ease into the apartment living lifestyle here in New York City, taking many of the doubts and fears out of the equation.

The Noisy Neighbor Concern

Easily one of the top concerns for newbies to the apartment lifestyle is the noise. You can have people on either side of your unit, as well as below and on top. That is a whole lot of potential for noisy neighbors. If you’re moving from a smaller town or city where you had a fully detached home and weren’t right next to your neighbor, it’s only natural to feel this concern.

This is exactly why you want to be picky about not only the neighborhood you choose but the building as well. Let’s say for example you are a single person who will be working remotely from your apartment. Choosing a building in a neighborhood that is known for families and is pet-friendly may not be the best idea.

If you do end up in a building where noisy neighbors become a thing, you can try speaking to them, which may not be the best option, or you can speak to the building management.

The Lack of Space Concern

Then there is the concern you won’t have enough space. In reality, it’s all about how the space is laid out and used. You can have a big home with a whole lot of dead and wasted space. Small apartments can still function beautifully as long as they are laid out correctly, offer adequate storage, and aren’t filled with oversized furniture. You may find yourself surprised by just how little space you do need.

The fact that you will likely be downsizing can also be the perfect excuse to purge and get rid of any unnecessary items that you have been holding onto. This alone can be a freeing activity.

Make the Move Stress-Free with a Furnished Apartment

Another tip as you work to find apartments in New York City that meet your needs and wants is to look for one that comes fully furnished. Just imagine how much easier the move would be if you don’t have to bring your existing furniture with you. There’s also the fact that it may not work in an apartment setting, which means you’d need to buy all new stuff and arrange for its delivery.      

Blueground can help you answer the question of where to live in New York City, thanks to its rather large selection of furnished apartments. This real-estate tech company that specializes in furnished rentals doesn’t just offer standard run of the mill accommodations either. They professionally style and manage premium apartments in some of the best locations in the city, with tailormade furnishings.

Your apartment will feel like something out of a magazine, and you didn’t have to hire a designer to get the look. If you lack vision on how to style a small space, you can take comfort knowing it’s all been done by Blueground’s global interior design team. Many homes even feature upgrades that you hadn’t even thought about including pools, fitness centers, and pet-friendly designations. The properties can be booked for a month, year, or longer – whatever your needs are.

To make things even smoother, you can see Blueground’s offerings in real-time on its website, allowing you to narrow down your search with ease. Booking online also means that you can arrive directly in NYC and walk into your turnkey home.

Get to Know Your Built-In Community

Of course, one of the pros of moving to an apartment building or multi-unit complex is the fact you’ll have a built-in community from day one. This is a wonderful way to get to know people, ask about nearby sites and attractions, and start to put down roots.

Apartment Living at Its Finest

At the end of the day, for all your worries, preconceived notions, and stress about apartment living, you may just find that it ends up being your favorite style of accommodation.