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How to enjoy childfree dating and is it really worth it? 


Is childfree dating so enjoyable?

The movement of childfree dating is not new at all. More and more modern people declare that they will not have any kids and want to date without extra responsibilities and obligations. Although the family institute supposes everyone to give birth to a new life, lots of couples learn how to live without them and seem to adjust to such a model of life very well.

Which model of family life do you choose? With or without children? Before you decide, check the information below and see what effects childfree dating makes on you and what its benefits and drawbacks are. Is life really so happy and easy without growing kids? Hopefully, you will find answers to these questions in a while.

Why do people choose childfree dating?

There are different reasons. Some opt for it of their own will while others simply have no choice. Let’s see what the reason for doing it are:

  • The wish to avoid responsibilities;
  • Careers;
  • Personal traumas (from childhood);
  • Physical inability to have children.

These are four main reasons why people do not want or cannot have children. Of course, when you cannot have children physically, this is not your free choice at all but childfree dating becomes your reality. Lots of people put up with that and try to enjoy whatever they have at the moment. 

Psychological reasons are also frequent. For instance, when your mother raised kids on her own, didn’t have a husband, and had to work three jobs to somehow survive, you have a block in your mind and simply do not want to follow her example. Although you are already an adult and successful, the image of a struggling single mother haven’t left your mind. Naturally, some people decide that it is better not to have any kids at all. 

Main perks of childfree dating

More time for yourself Naturally, when you do not have children, you can devote time to yourself. You sleep as long as you wish, no one wakes you up, you don’t have to cook for several people, and just enjoy your life. Childfree people do not need to depend on anyone else, especially if they are successful with their careers. Doing whatever you wish is the biggest perk of childfree dating. 
No responsibility When having kids, you bear a huge responsibility for everything. First of all, for the life of your children. You must always be on time, make sure they eat the best food, ensure the best schools and kindergartens for them, pick them up on time, teach them, educate, and do many other things all mothers and fathers do. Not everyone is ready to bear such responsibility. 
Commitment to your career This is the main reason why people choose to date childfree. At the beginning of their careers, they simply have no time or chance to have kids and think that they will definitely do it later. Later, their career takes all of their time and they cannot have children anymore. It happens too often. If you think that you will do it later, then later you already cannot leave your career. Children do not bother you and you can fully commit yourself to it. 
Life according to your own “standards” Living as you wish is the biggest benefit of childfree dating. If you want to attend clubs, you won’t be restricted. Moms usually don’t go to clubs. Want to hang out with your friends in a bar every weekend? No problem, you can do it. If you used to travel a lot, it is not so easy when having children. Without them, you can live as you always wanted to or used to. You have no restrictions. Date and do whatever you wish. 
Cost-effective Let’s be honest, having children is extremely expensive. That is probably the biggest investment in your life. As well as marriage, by the way. When choosing to have no kids, you are your only investment. Of course, you will save plenty of money and will be able to spend it on whatever you wish. There is no need to save for your kids’ college. 

The downsides of childfree dating

Having no children is, undoubtedly, very beneficial. You are free, not responsible for anyone, and can spend your money as you wish. Like any other thing in life, such a choice has its consequences and negative sides. Here they are.

It harms women’s health

For a woman, giving birth is coded by nature. This has plenty of benefits for her health. Her hormones depend on whether she becomes a mother or not. When the process is interfered with and she refuses to give birth (not for medical reasons), her health suffers. Therefore, if you and your wife agree on living childfree, you both should be prepared for the consequences of such a choice. 

Regular checkups are required. Although they say that children exhaust their parents, a woman who gave birth is still healthier than the one who didn’t. Think well about it.

No experience of parenthood

No matter how expensive it is, your family is never complete without children. Hearing their first words, watching their first steps, and listening to kids laughing at home is happiness. Everyone should experience how to be a parent at least once in their life. Parenthood is in the blood of people. Even animals take care of their children. When choosing childfree dating, you will someday regret seeing other people in the parks taking care of their children. 

Social pressure

Childfree choices are highly judged by society. Even in the media, you can see this prejudice. Your relatives, friends, and colleagues keep asking when you are going to have children finally. They consider you not normal. Such pressure cannot make you happy.

Sooner or later, people become irritated by such questions and rumors behind their backs. You should learn how not to take them seriously and not to pay attention to their words and judgments. Let them accept your choice whatever it is.

The lack of suitable partners

You will hardly meet too many childfree-minded people around you. Even if they seem to agree on it, sooner or later, they start thinking of a family and children. The question of having kids is often the reason for many breakups. People simply cannot find any common language.

If you face the problem of such a shortage of suitable partners, you can always opt for online dating. On Sofiadate or other dating websites, you can find people of different categories. Some of them want to date childfree due to different reasons, others want to have a family and experience parenthood. Such platforms expand your choices of true life partners, why not try it right now?