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How to ensure safety when doing laundry?

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Many deaths, lifelong injuries, and property losses occur in the laundry room every year, although many people consider it the least dangerous in their homes.

Furthermore, most home fires are caused by malfunctions in the laundry room, which is the leading cause of property and life loss in our homes.

As a result, if you do not want to become a victim of the hazards associated with laundry rooms, make sure you take the necessary precautions to avoid potential harm from such incidents and accidents.

In this article, we will look at various precautions to ensure our safety while doing laundry. Let’s get started.

  • Make sure the floor is dry.

A wet floor is a slippery floor, which should be noticed by everyone working in the laundry room. This can cause the person to slip and fall, resulting in minor to severe injury.

Slippery floors are hazardous to walk on, so it is critical to keep the foot dry, even though holding the laundry room floor dry is difficult because water can spill from various sources.

As a result, it is a good idea to install a floor drain in the laundry room and ensure that nothing is blocking the water drain before beginning the laundry. Washing machine drain pans can also keep water off the floor.

  • Make sure to seal and store detergents properly.

People frequently leave open detergent in the laundry room, which usually spoils on the floor or on top of the washing machine, which makes a subtle vibrational movement when it begins to work. These vibrations may cause unsealed detergent to spill on the floor.

Furthermore, keep these products out of the reach of children because most of them can cause burns or worse if they ingest them, necessitating first aid medication before rushing to the hospital for immediate attention.

As a result, you must ensure that all laundry cleaning products are correctly labeled so that no one misuses them. Furthermore, keep the cleaning products adequately sealed and stored on a shelf that young children cannot easily access.

  • Be wary of the power supply.

Water and electricity are two significant components of a laundry room that, when combined, can be extremely dangerous. However, with proper education and awareness, you can avoid electrical shocks, which cause many people to lose their lives or suffer long-term injuries.

You must turn off the washers and dryers, especially if there is water leakage in the laundry room. It is also crucial to have a circuit breaker installed in your home to prevent death from electric shock.

  • Keep children away from the laundry room.

It is common for children to consider every room to be their playroom. If you have children, ensure you are aware of their presence at all times and take appropriate precautions.

Allow children to go to the laundry room only with a parent present, and keep bleach and other potentially harmful products away from them. These dangerous products are blood-borne pathogens, which are germs that cause disease. (1)

  • Follow the product’s instructions.

When planning or doing laundry, remember to follow the recommended product instructions, especially those that state it is a warning, danger, poison, or keep away from children.

  • Prevent lint accumulation.

Lint is frequently the cause of home dryer fires. After each load, clean out lint screens and inspect vent pipes, the space behind the dryer, and ducts outside your home to ensure that lint isn’t clogging the venting system.

  • When moving equipment, take precautions.

If you are lifting heavy boxes, equipment, or carts, use proper tools such as dollies, lifting straps, and forklifts to protect your back from injury, which may necessitate serious medical consultation.

  • Enhance the lighting.

It is critical to improving laundry room lighting because it is much easier to see potential tripping hazards or other dangers in a well-lit space. Increase natural lighting by opening windows and replacing burned-out bulbs as needed.

  • Fill your washers only halfway.

You must follow machine instructions and capacity to ensure your washing machines are supplied. This can result in leaks and slick floors. When you try to unload or load too many linens at once, you risk injuring your back.

  • Maintain proper washing machine maintenance.

It is preferable to have machines checked by a professional so that you do not cause significant damage to your property or the lives of those around you due to your negligence, as devices have a natural tendency to deteriorate over time.

It is critical to have the machine checked by an expert if you notice it is not working correctly. You should also replace your water hoses with new ones if you notice water leakage. (2)


You are all well-versed in laundry safety by now, and you can relax knowing that while you’re producing fragrant and fresh laundry, you and your family are also safe.