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How to Ensure the Water We Drink is Pure?


Drinking water is a basic need of every human being. However, drinking pure water has become a privilege. Due to pollution, major sources of water are constantly getting contaminated by hazardous agents like disease-causing bacteria and heavy metals. Every year, waterborne diseases take hundreds of lives across the globe. We buy a water purifier for the safety of our family. However, understanding how to ensure the water we drink is pure is also important. A simple solution to pure water would be a HydroViv water filter, it is a great innovation that was featured on Shark Tank not that long ago. Check out the HydroViv reviews if you are interested.

Let’s discover the mechanism behind some conventional methods of water purification.

TDS Meters
One of the easiest way to test your water is through TDS Meters, where TDS stands for “Total Dissolved Solids”. This type of tester measures the amount of organic and inorganic solids dissolved in a certain volume of water. Aside from being able to know if the TDS level of your water supply is good or bad, TDS Meters also help in improving the taste of your water and will let you know if your water filters are properly working or not.


Due to their minute size, most of the microorganisms escape from filters. However, water filter machines with RO under sink water filter have semipermeable membranes that retain bacteria. The best to remove these diseases causing agent from our water is boiling. Boiling water at 100˚C kills all the viruses and bacteria from water.

Metal containers:

Indians have been using metal containers to store water from ancient times, which actually has a scientific reason behind it. Metals like silver, brass or copper are known to cause an oligodynamic effect on living cells. These metals release ions that disturb the cell membranes of not just bacteria, but other cells like fungal cells, yeast and even algae. Using metal jars instead of plastic or glass jars ensure that the water kept inside them remains free from bacteria for a longer time.

Treatment with halogens:

Halogens like iodine and chlorine have a strong oxidation potential that brings out the lysis of bacteria.

Chlorine is a strong disinfecting agent used to kill water bacteria from more than a century. As a strong oxidising agent, when chlorine is added in water in the form of sodium hypochlorite, it forms highly reactive hypochlorous acid that kills the bacteria. 

Iodine is also a halogen, though not as strong as chlorine, used to kill water bacteria. Iodine is available in the form of tablets. They are especially useful while purifying water outside the house. Unlike chlorine, iodine changes the taste of water, however, it is always better to drink water tasting like iodine than water with germs in it.

UV treatment:

The most modern and most potent technology to ensure the safety of drinking water is UV treatment. Ultra Violate light has the ability to destroy all types of germs such as bacterial and fungal cells and spores, viruses. Spores are like seeds of germs, which remains viable and cause disease even after boiling water. UV is the only method through which spores can be destroyed. Buying a water filter machine using UV technology can be the best water purifier for home. Electric water purifier an also be a good option to ensure the safety of drinking water.