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How to Get More Photography Clients


If you want to make a living as a photographer then the ability to attract new clients is incredibly important. Your existing clients may be great, but there will be a limit to the number of photographs that they will need. Therefore, it will be necessary to attract new people and convince them that you are the photographer for the job.

So how exactly do you go about attracting these all-important new clients? Here we look at Photo Studio Calgary that you can use to help you market your photography business successful and get those new clients.

Show people your work

If you want to attract new clients, you need to be able to impress them with your work and this means being able to show them what you can do. Having your own website or social media page is all very well but your reach will be relatively limited. If you want to show your work to the largest audience possible then it can be a good idea to sign up for a photo sharing platform. Signing up is a really simple process that will allow you to post your photos, and sell them if you wish, to a very big audience. This is one of the best ways out there that will allow you to showcase your work to the largest audience possible.

Someone who sees, and likes, your photos may not need the services of a photographer, but they may suggest you to someone who is looking for one. The audience that you reach may be bigger than the people who view your photographs directly.

Build your portfolio

It isn’t enough to have just a few great photos. You need to ensure that you have a range of photographs that showcase a range of different subject matters and photography skills. The more skills you are able to display in your portfolio, the better. This will show potential clients how versatile you are and also the range of skills that you have. It’s all very well being able to show them a good number of fantastic photos of the same type of subject but this risks you being labelled as someone who only photographs that subject.

Build a website

It can be worth investing some money to have a company build a great website for your photography business. A professional looking website with clear information and plenty of examples of your work will create a very positive impression on any future clients. When you opt for a professional web developing company instead of doing the work on a website yourself, you are taking advantage of their expertise. This means your website will include all of the important information that you need and could help you rank better in the search engines.

Make sure you are targeting the right market

A photographer who specialises in wedding photography will attend wedding fayres and advertise in wedding magazines. They may even form mutually beneficial professional relationships with other wedding service providers in order to ensure that they are reaching the people who may want to engage their services. Whilst it may not be quite as easy for photographers who specialise in other forms of photography to do quite the same thing it is still important to ensure that where possible you are targeting the right people. This means advertising in any appropriate magazines, creating marketing campaigns that will showcase your work to the right companies who may use you for corporate shoots or if you specialise in portraits perhaps contacting the types of local groups and schools that may be looking for a photographer.