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How To Get Revenge Against A Narcissist


The first thing that might come to mind when reading the headline is to actually do something gruesome like killing someone and making it look like an accident. Actually, let me tell you the best way to get revenge against the narcissist that broke your heart.


I KNOW this may sound as mission impossible but believe me it is THE BEST way to get back at them and spare yourself the extra pain. They have functioned like that their whole lives and there is no helping them or saving them from themselves.

Turn your back and just leave!

Narcissists are naturally addicted to attention, be it positive or negative. Your breakouts and emotional meltdowns will only charge their ego as a brand-new charger on an empty battery. They will FEED on your energy until you are completely exhausted without you even realizing that. In the end, the only person hurting will be you, AGAIN. You will only prolong your pain and get to no result.

YES, they broke your heart, YES you may have more to say, YES you may feel like you need closure but with them, in most cases, closure is impossible. You see, narcissists may step on you and hurt you and take you for granted but their biggest fear is actually of abandonment.

This being said, they will continue the arguments and the ups and downs in an endless loop. They will make you QUESTION yourself, DOUBT yourself and at some point, HATE yourself until YOU decide to cut the cord.

SO, CUT THAT DAMN CORD! You do not need them in your life!

By actually turning your back and leaving, and actually doing nothing to get back at them will leave them devastated. They will question their own worth and why you left as they meant nothing to you, which is how they treated you and made you feel the whole time you were together.

You leaving them is actually depriving them of their precious attention source and this is the best revenge you can get. Even better, take the time to make yourself happy. Recover from all the hurt and heartache and it will be the revenge you want at the same time. They will see you have moved on and there is nothing that will bring you back.

Someday, life may connect you in some way whether it is through your friends, work or maybe school. Nevertheless, it is VERY important not to let them overpower you again. Just keep your distance and take the control in your hands.

At some point in life, we have all faced narcissists and had our hearts broken. If nothing else, they will teach us a lesson to love and respect ourselves a little more in order not to take sh*t from anyone.

Image:Ines Rehberger